Not only do we have the Cherry Festival taking place in Ficksburg this weekend, and Tshepong are having their Christmas party this afternoon.

Tshepong Christmas party

And there are a lot of other events coming up in and around Clarens.   Have a look at the events page on the website.   With Christmas happening next month it seems that there’s already a lot of planning going on in Clarens to celebrate this special day.   But – why wait until Christmas – there’s a lot of fun to be had in Clarens before then.   Check the Clarens News facebook page on friday afternoon for news on the weekend’s music and weather.    Other events coming up soon include:

24th November:  70’s evening with Cat at Gosto’s Restaurant

28th November:  Richard Rennie’s 82nd Birthday

29th November:  Cherry Food Market at Cafe Moulin

29th November:  Anton Benzon & Dianne Erasmus at Robert Badenhorst Art Gallery

29th November:  Christmas time show at Martie Lotz  hall

30th November:  Cherry Food Market at Cafe Moulin

AND then there are some really exciting events coming up in December, but more about those in the next newsletter.  (You can, ofcourse, take a sneak preview by visiting the Events page on the website.)

Clarens open

Oh – yes, it’s the Clarens Open.   It’s only happening next month but you need to book now.   And just in case, you think you may not be up to it – have a look at the Richmond Golf Club rules below.   Reading through them not only says something about golfers, but it also makes playing the Clarens Golf Course sound really easy!   Click here for more about the event and how to book.

Golf Rules


CVC Report Back

Damien Coulson has sent us his report on Clarens Village Conservancy activities during October, 2014, inclulding alien clearing, environmental education,.   As always, it makes very interesting reading:   alien clearing; environmental education; trail maintenance, and the rangers patrols.   Ofcourse, all of this work needs to be funded, and so your membership is of vital importance.  If you’re not already a member, Click here, for your membership form.   It only costs R300 a year! (Remember too that donations are always welcome.)


CVC Spring editionAlien clearing

Click here to read the full report.


Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve

Cotyledon orbiculata Damien1-100x100Article and photographs by Damien Coulson

Head ranger: Clarens Village Nature Reserve



Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “bi-Weekly Plant of Interest”. This week we’re focusing on a member of the Crassulaceae (Crassula) family.

Cotyledon orbiculata (Pig’s Ear in English, Plakkies in Afrikaans & serelile in Sesotho) is a succulent shrublet whose stem may grow to 900mm tall. Many of you will have recognised this widespread plant which tends to grow on sandy or rocky soils. In the grassveld around Clarens you’ll generally find C. orbiculata at higher altitudes on the rocky sandstone mountain slopes (approximately 2000-3000m A.S.L.), occurring from the Western Cape through to Mpum.

Read more







Thank – you (from CCIA)Thank you.

For more information contact Evon at 073-708-7832 or Dons at 082-859-1505


News from The Recycling Centre

Clarens Recycling IMG_0062Evon reports that she is getting fantastic support from the people of Kgubetswana (including Zama Zama and Hunter’s Tavern) who are collecting and delivering materials to the recycling centre.   The children especially are getting involved.   (It seems that all the Environmental Education carried out by the CVC is having effect.)    Our ever-caring Evon encourages the children and puts aside glossy magazines for them to use in their various school projects.   (Incidentally, a cancer facility from Klerksdorp is now also collecting magazines from the recycling centre.)   A few minutes with Evon and you soon come to realise that one man’s waste is another man’s treasure.   Should you have items you’re not sure what to do with – drop them off at the Recycling Centre – Evon is sure to find a needy home for them.   And on that note, Evon would like to thank Jaap and Hilda Boonstra for dropping off a box of spectacles – which she is about to drop off at an eye clinic in Bethlehem where they will be put to good use.  Click here to find out more about the Clarens Recycling Centre, what it does, and how to get there.

Christmas is coming

Calling all Clarens Restaurants.   Please let us have your Christmas lunch menus:   We will upload them on our events page.   (Christmas Lunch is, after all, an event).

News from the Mountain Kingdom

Good news.   Maliba Lodge which suffered severe fire damage nearly two years ago has re-opened:    They sent us the following press-release:

Maliba Lodge Celebrates The Opening Of The New Main Lodge

After considerable perseverance over the past 15 months, Maliba Lodge takes great pride in announcing the completion, and opening of the newly constructed Main Lodge. Enriched with Local architectural design elements, this new building showcases a Reception area, family Restaurant, relaxation and bar area, breath-taking viewing deck and an exclusive private lounge and restaurant for 5 Star Mountain Lodge guests, an exciting enhancement from the previous building design.

Visitors to this brilliant new Lodge will be welcomed with unique furniture and creative designs and artwork representing local Basotho culture. Complimenting this exhilarating enhancement to Maliba Lodge, comes the addition of a fully independent conference centre boasting a private restaurant and bar, presentation area, adjoining accommodation and viewing deck.

In July 2013 the main Maliba Lodge building was devastated by a fire. Fortunately there was no injury as a result of the unfortunate incident, and all accommodation was left entirely unaffected, and has been perfectly operational during the construction period. The owners Chris McEvoy, Nick King, and Stephen Phakisi moved swiftly to plan, and personally fund a rebuilding program, faithful in the dedication of their valued Maliba staff.

This seemingly unfortunate event posed a silver lining whereby the new building would allow for much desired enhancements to be added to the new Maliba Lodge as well as provide contractual employment for over 50 Lesotho locals, above the lodge staff, who were incremental in the building of the new building, stepping out of their roles to be involved in the rebuild.    Click here to read more

Comment from your editor

I visited Maliba Lodge a few weeks ago – courtesy of Maluti Tours.   (The new structure is looking great.)   The great thing about visiting Lesotho is that you come face to face with Africa:  the beauty, the wildness, the clear big sky, the people…..etc.etc.etc.   This is such a contrast to Europe.   (And having just spent a month in Europe and visited Amsterdam, Athens, Rome and Paris, the contrast really hit me on this trip.)   It was specially wonderful to see how the people of Lesotho live with the seasons – and I managed to get some shots of ploughing, and sheep shearing.   Here they are:

Lesotho Oct 2014 _0028


Lesotho shearing sheep





Remember to have a look at our Classifieds page on the website.   An interesting new building block now manufactured in Clarens has just been listed.   You may also need to order your Christmas cake……..



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