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Paphama Career Exhib.




Various influential reports have recently confirmed that the crisis in Science and Mathematics Education has deepened in our country. This crisis is forming an obstacle in the way of African advancement and is effecting the growth of the economy in South Africa. School performance of learners clearly indicates that:
The national crisis in (particularly) Mathematics and Science education in South African schools has deepened.
Learners are not exposed to modern teaching strategies, including the use of technology in the Mathematics and Science classrooms.
Not nearly enough FET learners will qualify for Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) or Commerce degree or diploma programmes at HE institutions. (see e.g.

Since 2012 Phaphama Youth Development (PYD) has been hosting Career Exhibitions for 10 High Schools from Dihlabeng Local Municipality and the improvement since then in schools has been impressive. The feedback received from the schools and the Local Department of Education is humbling.

PYD is a NONPROFIT Organisation (068 – 735) and PBO (930037537) which was established in 2008 and registered in 2009 to respond to the community health and welfare services free of charge. Their offices are based in 190 Kgubetswana in Clarens. The organization operates in Clarens and nearby towns subject to demand of the service. They strive to serve the poorest of the poor, with no thought of who deserves help, but only who needs help!


Phaphama Youth Development will be hosting its annual Career Exhibition in April 2016 which will be targeting all Grade 12 learners from all the Public Schools around Dihlabeng Local Municipality. This year’s exhibition will be the biggest Career exhibition PYD has hosted so far, targeting over a thousand matriculants.

Since PYD started with the career exhibitions and other educational programmes it has seen much change in the education progress of many children of with the pass rate within Dihlabeng Local Municipality having increased over the past 3 years. Many learners are getting admitted in the higher learning institutions.

Organisations and individuals are therefore humbly invited to be part of this life-changing event whereby they will be given a chance to put up a stall and exhibit. Organisations are welcome to give a presentation on Careers available in their structures and the channels which young people should follow in order to access bursaries, internships and learnerships.


DATE: 15 April 2016
TIME: 09:30 – 16:00
VENUE: Bethlehem Showgrounds

The 1 day program will enrich the youth in the areas of technology, computers, multimedia, writing, art, math, science, literature, gaming, the Internet, study skills, and social skills.
The primary function of a Career exhibition is to offer students the opportunity to consider their future and interact with various avenues of employment, training and/or further education.
There is hope that this program will create more opportunities for young people to change their way of thinking, build confidence, foster creativity, and spark interest in life building activities instead of alcohol, Drugs and Sex.

The Army Base, which next to the showgrounds, will be exhibiting the following Careers just to mention but a few:

Army Medics
Water purification
Bomb Squad
Human recourse
Marketing and ICT

For more information or clarity anyone is welcome to contact Ntsebe Mofokeng on 078 245 1709 or Onward Mvurume on 073 054 3145.

Kniphofia triangularis subsp. triangularis

Kniphofia triangularis subsp. triangularis Kniphofia triangularis subsp. triangularis Kniphofia triangularis subsp. triangularis

Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to the 3rd “ Plant of Interest” article for 2016!! This week we’ll be looking at a member of the Asphodelaceae family.

Kniphofia triangularis subsp. triangularis (Manderin Poker in English, Motosi in Sesotho) is a monocotyledonous perennial herb that occurs in the Eastern Cape through to KZN at altitudes of up to 2500m A.S.L. As with most species of the genus Kniphofia, the Manderin Poker is most suited to moist grassveld, nearer vlei’s and on the banks of mountain streams.

The specimen pictured here was photographed on the banks of a small stream on the Kloof Mountain Trail where, in this instance it grows in solitary, or otherwise in small groups.

The leaves are narrow and grass-like, measuring approximately 500-600mm long by 2mm wide, with relatively smooth margins. The inflorescence is a roughly triangular/wedge-shaped spike (80mmX50mm) atop a narrow stem of 600mm. The individual tubular flowers are a vivid orange, measuring 20-40mm X 4-5mm. Flowering is usually from December – February; however because of the dry summer and late rains associated with El Niño and La Niña respectively, these have only been observed to flower from around early February, well into March.


Frequented by butterflies and other pollinators, this species plays an important role in maintaining the ecological diversity of wetland areas throughout its range.


Kniphofia triangularis subsp. triangularis makes for a dainty yet attractive garden ornamental. When planting from seed, make sure to plant in moist, well-drained soil in full sunlight. A light mulch layer may be needed for its first year in the Free State where frost is common in winter.

Conservation Status

Classified by SANBIas of Least Concern (LC).


Damien1-100x100Article and Research by Damien Coulsen

Head ranger: Clarens Village Nature Reserve