Clarens Creche gets a boost

Medi Care Kids enjoying their donated equipment  Medi Care Kids responded with a beutiful song to Golden Gate
 Golden Gate Acting Park Manager  - addressing the audience during the handover ceremony (1)  Golden Gate Choir entertained the audience


On Friday 22 January 2016, children and staff members from Medi Care Creche in Clarens were all jubilant after a generous donation of equpment and educational toys from Golden Gate Highlands National Park(GGHNP).

Although the items are not brand new, they had been lying in the Park unused for some  and donating it to a worthy institution seemed like the best idea. Soccer balls, dolls, bicycles and writing board slates are some of the items that were donated to the Creche.

The creche has 38 children (between the ages of 08 months and 5 years) and four educator and was launched in 2008 and caters for the children from the surrounding farms and Fouriesburg. Since its inception they have been struggling to get some of the basic equipment to use for the children’s learning and development.Golden Gate has been on a mission to live out the organisation’s vision of “A sustainable National Park System connecting society”  and grabs any opportunity available  to give back to the community, so far education seems to be the main beneficiary. In the past the Park donated school shoes to the children in the neighbouring schools.

Victor Mokoena, Acting Park Manager of GGHNP, said the donation was one of the many projects that SANParks gets involved in to assist the communities adjacent to the Parks, ‘We are very proud to see all these happy smiles here today and we hope we could do more to see every child in our community this happy” he said.Managing Director of the Creche, Meisie Khumalo was ecstatic at the donation “we are very grateful to SANParks for all they have given us, we hope it will really have a positive impact on our children.”

In December 2015 as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility project, the organisation handed a fully fledged science laboratory to a school in Clarens.

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Clarens Square: 26 March 2016

Notice from Clarens Community Forum

Dear Clarens,
Clarens Square: 26 March 2016

The NG Church in Clarens has for, at least, the last 20 years hosted a flea market on the square on Easter Saturday. All the proceeds of this market are used to uplift the community of Clarens. The church is involved in feeding schemes, schooling and a host of other charity initiatives.

Easter Saturday (26 March 2016) is a very important day for the continued support of the various community projects the church contributes towards, and has become an institution on the annual calendar of events in Clarens.

We have become aware that the AGS Church in Bethlehem has booked the square on the 26 March 2016 for its own market.

As business owners and residents of Clarens, we strongly object to this as all the funds generated will be taken out of the community of Clarens and put to use in the Bethlehem community. We feel that any charity event held on our square needs to be for the raising of funds that are directly put back into the Clarens community. This is of vital importance for the continued support of the various outreach programmes into the community.

We herewith request consent of business owners and residents of Clarens that support this petition.

Kindly respond to this notice granting the CCF permission to add your name/business on the list, accompanying the above letter directed to the Dihlabeng Municipality. If you have signed the initial form, we appreciate your support.

We trust that you will attend to this petition as a matter of urgency in a fair and timeous manner.

Yours sincerely,

Clarens Community Forum

Solving Social Problems facing Clarenites

14 January it is. Just before 9am a number of cars queued outside Margaret’s residence. A number of mature men and one lady, Pat Wagner made their way into the yard, straight to the sitting room. As a social player, the coordinator of Phaphama Youth Development, I found myself in the meeting, where almost everyone else qualifies to be my parent. What is this all about? Solving the issues that affect Clarenites is what the hearts of these mature men and women beat for, I can testify. For about an hour and a half the ten of us deliberated on ways of solving social issues, both ongoing and future plans.

Social Concerns is a wheel inside the Combined Churches In Action (CCIA) wheel. CCIA is an umbrella organisation that focuses on helping the needy holistically. Social Concerns is the arm that deals with issues that affect families and individuals, coming up with solutions that help individuals become self-sustaining. It works hand in hand with the Social Workers from the Department of Social Development and the South African Police Service. A Social Auxilliary Worker has also been appointed and she will be starting work on 1 February 2016. She will be based at Tsepong.

Social Concerns has in the past helped children with parents from Lesotho gain access to South African schools. It has also helped people who need counselling, helping them find meaning in life. In every situation where this arm gets involved, the aim is to leave a situation completely solved.

For some time now Social Concerns has been pushing to have a Safe Haven established, and relenting is not being put as an option. A Safe Haven, once established will be a place where people in danger of emotional damage or with no place to stay can be housed temporarily, while working out a permanent solution to the challenge.

Any challenge can be harnessed, when like minded people of great capacity bring their efforts together. This is the platform that Social Concerns has created. You can play a part in this. We can put our resources and knowledge together to improve the sanity level in our community.

To be part of the solution, visit Tshepong in Kgubetswana during office hours.

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January 2016

Support a Notable Cause in 2016

I am excited to start the year with an article on some work that is focused on changing lives and establishing humanity in dominance and destiny mustering.

Bethel Christian fellowship is a church that has been in existence in Kgubetswana since 24 October 2011. The church focuses on building communities ruled by love. It also emphasises the importance of family values, where a family is made up of a father, mother and children; all staying together in harmony.

Since its birth, Bethel has hosted five international conferences, four of them under the brand TTiG, which stands for Total Trust in God. The TTiG conferences have become a typical pilgrimage, with participants coming from as far as Virginia, Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp, Johannesburg, and Zimbabwe.

Last year’s TTiG conference was held from 7 October to 11 October at Kgubetswana Community Hall. Restaurant owners, shop oowners and lodges benefited from the traffic that came, just for TTiG. The church is thus benefiting the business sector also, in Clarens.

Bethel is growing and the founding pastor, Tawanda Muviyi has written the letter below, as the church focuses on making more impact in the community:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our ministry has been moving from glory to glory since its inception in October 2011, growing slowly in terms of numbers but significantly fast spiritually. We have gone through challenges but our God has proven bigger than all of them, we came out victorious.
For some time now we have been based on a temporary premise inside one of the congregant’s property, a 7m X 4.5m structure often very hot in summer and very cold in winter. By God’s grace we have just acquired an empty stand (65 Kgubetswana) where we can build a more suitable structure. Our intention therefore is to build such structure that will be able to accommodate the church as well as a day care centre/preschool for children.

The structure will be a 15m X 9m with a steel framework covered with wooden boards and roofed with zinc sheets. We have a few zinc sheets that we bought last year that will cover a third of the roof as well as some steel poles.

We are therefore extending an invitation to friends and partners of Bethel Christian Fellowship (and those that desire to be part of what God is doing) to contribute as the Spirit leads to the accomplishment of this vision. You are welcome to pay money directly to our suppliers for easy accountability, or give in kind should you have any of the listed items. Please note that we appreciate even used things such as steel poles, zinc sheets, wood etc.

Yours in Christ

Tawanda Muviyi
084 339 4340

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Clarens News: 9th January, 2016