26 September 2014 Weekend Newsletter

26 September 2014 Weekend Newsletter


Chance of showers this Weekend so don’t leave home without your umbrella.

weather 26 september



Friday:  OB 2:oopm-5:00pm

                   Simon 5:00pm- 10:00 pm

Saturday:  Deon    12: 00pm-7:00pm

                        Henzi & Denzil  7:00pm

Also Showing the Rugby on 5 Flat Screen TV’S so you don’t miss out.

Friends Restaurant:

Saturday:  Slipstream 8:30pm

If you dare! try out Friends Jalapeno Poppers or Monster Challenge

also Showing the Rugby so you don’t miss out.

Grouse & Claret:

Friday:   Henzi & Denzil 8:00 pm

Also Showing the Rugby so you don’t miss out.

Rugby Fixtures

rugby fixtures 26th

currie cup fixtures 26

Hope you have a great weekend, Lauren May 🙂



Hibiscus aethiopicus (Common Dwarf Wild Hibiscus)


 Hibiscus aethiopicus. Clarens Village Nature Reserve
Hibiscus aethiopicus (Photo:D.Coulson)
 Hibiscus aethiopicus. Clarens Village Nature Reserve
Hibiscus aethiopicus. (Photo: D.Coulson)
 Hibiscus aethiopicus. Clarens Village Nature Reserve
Hibiscus aethiopicus (Photo: D.Coulson)

Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “Bi-weekly Plant of Interest”. We’ll be looking at a member of the Hibiscus or Mallow family (Malvaceae), from the widely distributed Hibisus genus.

Hibiscus aethiopicus (Common Dwarf Wild Hibiscus in English & lereletsane-le-leholo in Sesotho) is a small herbaceous species that grows to between 140 & 350mm depending on topography. This small Hibiscus grows in grasslands as well as along steep mountain slopes at recorded altitudes of up to 1800m A.S.L. H. aethiopicus grows from the Western Cape right through to Zimbabwe.

A little known fact about the derivative word Hibiscus, is that the original Greek ibiskos stems from the name given to the Marsh Mallow plant (now Althaea officinalis and yes, the root sap from the plant was used in ancient Egypt to make a rudimentary form of the popular medicinal confection and was also used to treat coughs an sore throats).

The stems of H. aethiopicus are covered in rough hairs. The leaves are 10-80mm long X 6-40mm wide with blunted apices and 3-5 veins from the base which may or may not have hairs. Leaf stalks measure 5-15mm. The flowers are not easily mistaken and measure approx. 50mm across. The colour is off-white – creamy /faded yellow (colouration is highly variable). The epicalyx (false calyx) bears 7-9 short bracts. Flowering takes place from Nov – Jan.


This species, although not necessarily a garden plant, is known to attract its fair share of butterflies and could therefore be worthwhile cultivating.

First Aid

In light of the plethora of medicinal properties ascribed to many plants of the Hibiscus genus; new studies have confirmed that “H. aethiopicus may contain an endogenous inhibitor of venom-induced haemorrhage” (basically extracts obtained from the plant have been proven to bind and render null the neurotoxic and haemotoxic components of certain cobra venoms and thus prevent death in the unfortunate recipient of the bite). Hope they get that antivenin up and running soon!

Medicinal Uses

Traditional medicines and remedies have been made from this plant. Although the exact uses could not be ascertained at the time of writing, rumour points to use as treatment for coughs, sore throats.

Conservation Status

According to SANBI, H. aethiopicus is classified as of Least Concern.

Damien1-100x100Article and phtography by Damien Coulson

Head ranger: Clarens Village Nature Reserve


Click here to see more plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve



Heritage Tourism

The Geography – and History Departments at the Qwaqwa Campus of the University of the Free State are in the process to undertake a project to explore and promote Heritage Tourism in the areas of Golden Gate Highlands National Park and Clarens. This project includes the documentation, evaluation and interpretation of all cultural, historical and natural sites in the study area. The aim is not only to produce scientific publications but also to apply this knowledge and information for marketing these tourism destinations.

Click here for more information:

PLEASE be so kind as to assist with the completion of the attached short online questionnaire.

Link to questionnaire:


Dr Cobus Rademeyer & Prof Willie van Zyl

Department of Geography

Department of History

Qwaqwa Campus, University of the Free State

Tel: 058 718 5473/058 718 5432

vanzylwf@qwa.ufs.ac.za (082 806 2686)

rademeyerjs@qwa.ufs.ac.za (082 857 0256)

Upgrading of Clarens Water Treatment Works

Upgrading of Clarens Water Treatment Works

Proponent: Dihlabeng Local Municipality

EIA Ref: EMB/11(x&xi), 18(i), 40(ii), 13(c)iii(dd)/14/25

Notice of Environmental Authorisation

 Please note that the Free State Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs issued environmental authorisation for this project on 11 September 2014.  The Environmental Authorisation can be downloaded at http://www.edcs.co.za/reports-and-documents/viewcategory/15-clarens-water-treatment-works.html.  The Department’s reasons for this decision are provided in Annexure 1 of the authorisation.

 Please note that parties may appeal this decision in accordance with the appeal procedure provided for in Chapter 7 of the 2010 EIA regulations. A Notice of Intention to Appeal must be submitted within 20 days of this notification to the MEC of the DETEA. The relevant contact details are provided in point 1.15 of the authorisation.  

Please contact me should you require any further information.




E&D Consulting Services

Paul Scherzer Pr.Sci.Nat, EAPSA

Member (Managing)

PO Box 222, Felixton, 3875

Tel:  035 791 1362

Fax: 086 661 2724

Cell: 084 207 6031

Golf course news – September 2014

The Clarens Golf Estate, Golf Course, will be closed for play during the annual treatments. During the weeks of September 22 – October 6th the course will be undergoing major summer treatments.Normally play would be able to continue, but due to our inter seeding program to revitalize the entire course to its former glory, the course will be best served by having no players in that time.

The course will be receiving topsoil, seed, aeration and hollowtining of the greens.

The summer should be one of great golfing indeed!

Click here for more information on The Clarens golf course

September 12 2014: This Weekend


Some lovely sunshine to brighten up this weekend.



Amigo’s Restaurant:

Friday: OB & Deon

Saturday: OB

Friend’s Restaurant:

Friday: 8:30pm- Slip stream


Article Must read:

Izak de Vries by Mary Walker: Afrikaans Article on Clarens  Click here  for more information.

Times gone by (Shop):

has all new Summer stock in this weekend don’t miss out !

Rugby Fixtures:

rugby fixtures 12 newsletter

currie cup fixtures 12 newsletterrugby fixtures 12 newsletter

currie cup fixtures 12 newsletterCURRIE CUP FIXTURES

Hope you have a lovely weekend 😉 Lauren May

Izak de Vries – by Mary Walker

izak_de_vries_200x200I first met Izak de Vries in the leafy subtropical town of Thohoyandou in Venda some sixteen years ago.  It was then that I was introduced to his talent as a writer of Afrikaans literature, shortly after the publication of his first book Kom Slag n Bees. Recently Izak and his family spent a holiday in the Clarens area and I was again able to spend some time in the company of this warm and talented man.  I put the suggestion to him that he write something about our village and the surrounds for the Clarens News, and he readily agreed, hoping to convey something of the first time visitor’s impressions of the area. Izak has had a career devoted to creativity in the Afrikaans language.  In 1993 he was the first recipient of the M-Net Scholarship for Creative Writing and studied under the tutorship of the prolific Afrikaans author, Etienne van Heerden.  Since his first book he has written a second, Byna Liefde. It seems that the writing gene in Izak’s family faithfully delivers published authors.  Both his maternal grandparents were known in literary circles.  The Afrikaans novelist, Marinda van Zyl, and the acclaimed author, Abraham de Vries, are both relatives on his father’s side. Izak is currently a publishing consultant at Lapa Publishers.  He also writes extensively (though not exclusively) about the South African literary scene.  I have discovered too that he is a most talented photographer and has put together a lovely little portfolio of photographs on his blog, taken while on holiday in our area. Izak and his wife Elma, a medical doctor, their son Jabu, and their foster daughter Mashi live in Mowbray, Cape Town.  While this is a fair distance from Clarens, hopefully our community’s artistic, creative and literary bent will attract Izak to this area again.  And again.


Click here to read Izak’s article

Lessertia thodei


Clarens Village Nature Reserve, Lessertia thodei Clarens Village Nature Reserve, Lessertia thodei Clarens Village Nature Reserve, Lessertia thodei


This week we’re focusing on a member of the Leguminosae (Pea) family.

Lessertia  thodei is a perennial herb whose stems grow to 200 mm long. One will find this herbaceous species in moist grassland areas often in close proximity to seeplines and rocky flats at altitudes of 2100-2900 m A.S.L.  It is also an endemic to the EMR, occurring from the Free State to Mpumalanga.

The pods are characteristic of the Pea family and are visible from late spring through summer. 

The leaves of L. thodeiare hairless, in contrast with those of the similar spp., found growing in the region, such as L. depressa. The leaflets measure approx. 7mm X 3mm and occur in pairs of 5-9 and bear rounded tips. The inflorescence measures 30-75mm and individual flowers measure 10mm.  Flowering occurs from Nov-Feb.



An altogether attractive plant, it may find a suitable position in the garden as a hedge or pruned to form an ornate pathway through the garden.

Conservation Status

The SANBI conservation status for L .thodeiis listed as Least Concern.


Damien1-100x100Article and photography by Damien Coulson
Head ranger: Clarens Village Nature Reserve



Click here for more articles on the plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve




Clarens Fire Association Thank You


The clarens fire association on behalf of all it’s members, weary firefighters and support crews, would like to thank mountain odysseyfor co-ordinating everything and the following restaurants and individuals for providing food and cool drinks over the recent fire period.

Friends, Mosaic, Saverite Superette, Protea Hotel, Mountain Odyssey, Vito’s Ristorante, Clementine’s, Sir Henry’s, Guest House, Artists Cafe, Clarens Trading Post, Sunnyside Guest Farm, Rob and Talitha Silcock  & Estelle Hopton.

Clarens Golf Estate –  for opening a tab for firefighters to get a sandwich or cool drink etc. Unfortunately this went unused, but the Golf Estate have said they will carry this tab over for future meetings of the Clarens Fire Association.

There may be other donor’s of which we are unaware. We would also like to thank them.

These events show how our Community can pull together when we want to. Thank you once again.

Rodney Wainwright

for Clarens Fire Association

The Fire Association needs support all year round, click here for a membership.

Sector Police Forum – Raffle

001 (2)[1]


The painting is on show at the Richard Rennie Gallery.

It is an original, framed, oil painting (110x80cm framed). Painted and donated by Richard Rennie to raise funds for the Clarens Sector Police Forum. The draw will take place on the 27th September at the Clarens Macnollie Challenge.

The tickets are R150 per number. Enquiries: clarensgallery@telkomsa.net

Click here to find out more about the Clarens Macnollie Challenge

Click here to find out more about the Clarens Sector Police Forum

Exciting Upcoming Events In Clarens


 Clarens Newsletter 8th-12th September

This Weeks Exciting Events

Why wait for the weekend to have fun with these upcoming events.

Cat & Pauls Lekker Show at Gostos


 Book fast so you don’t miss out on the Springbok radio Jol!

September 11 7:00pm-11:00pm

For more info : http://clarensnews.co.za/event/cat-pauls-lekker/



Guitar Evening with CH2 at Bon Appetit


Dont miss out on this Guitar duo at Bon Appetit.

10th September 6:30pm-10:00pm

For more info: http://clarensnews.co.za/event/guitar-evening-with-ch2-at-bon-appetit/


 Free Access to San ParksSANParks_logo_blog


8th September -12th October

For more info: http://clarensnews.co.za/event/free-access-san-parks/



This Weeks Weather

 Beautiful Sunny Weather for sun block and flip flops.

weekly weather


Have a good week   🙂 Lauren May


7 September 2014 – Fire near Clarens

Fire near Clarens

The Free State has suffered badly from fires this year – and given the very dry conditions this is hardly surprising.   Thankfully Clarens is well-prepared (thanks mainly to the Clarens Fire Association and  our Clarens based Working On Fire team.)

Click here to find out more about Working On Fire

The fire above the Clarens Mountain Estate appears to be under control. Thank you – and thank you again to all our firefighters, and to those amazing mechanical dragonflies which “piss” on the fire with such amazing accuracy.

Fire near Clarens - 6th September 2014
Photograph: Toni Walters – Clarens News – 6.9.2014
Fire near Clarens - 6th September 2014
Photograph: Toni Walters – Clarens News 6.9.2014


Fire near Clarens - 7th September 2014
Photograph: Toni Walters – Clarens News 7.9.2014
Fire near Clarens 7 September 2014
Photograph: Toni Walters – Clarens News 7.9.2014



September 5 2014: This Weekend


Spring is in the air and is heating up.   weekend weather 6




Amigo’s Restaurant:


OB 4:00pm- 6:00pm

Deon  7:00pm – 10:00pm


OB 2:00pm- 7:00pm

Henzi & Denzel 7:00pm – 11:00pm



Friend’s Restaurant:


OB 8:30pm


Slip Stream 8:30pm


Grouse & Claret:


Henzi & Denzel 8:00pm – 12:00pm

rugby fixtures 5


  currie cup fixtures

Hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

Lauren May

Free Access to National Parks

Free Access to National Parks

South African National Park (SANParks) is again opening its doors for free from Monday, 8 September until Friday, 12 September as part of the annual South African National Parks Week. This campaign under the established theme ‘Know Your National Parks’ will allow locals with valid identity documents an opportunity to spend a day at a national park of their choice free of charge.

The week-long campaign will be applicable to all the national parks managed by SANParks. In Limpopo these are: Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site about 70 kilometres outside of Musina, Marakele National Park outside Thabazimbi and the Kruger National Park and in the Free State we have Golden Gate Highlands National Park which is just 20 kilometres outside the town of Clarens

According to SANParks Acting Head of Communications, Mr Reynold Thakhuli the objective of the week is to cultivate a culture of pride in all South Africans in their relationship with the country’s natural, cultural and historical heritage. “When people start to take pride in the national parks, then we believe that they will start to understand the importance of conservation”.

The idea of a national parks focus week is a world-wide campaign and was conceived in South Africa in 2006, after realising that a vast majority of South Africans were not accessing the national parks.

The feature element of this campaign is the free access granted to all South African day visitors carrying their official Identity Documents. Young persons under the age of 16 will be allowed free access without proof of identity. It should be noted that the free access to the parks will not include accommodation and any commercial activities in the park such as guided safaris in vehicles or guided walks, etc.

“The survival of the South African national parks system and our natural and cultural heritage lies in the people of South Africa and we are focused on involving young people and communities, to cultivate knowledge of the importance of conservation and an appreciation for the country’s natural heritage,” said Thakhuli.

“We especially want our young people to take advantage of this opportunity because this heritage will be under their protection in the near future,” added Thakhuli.

The annual SA National Parks Week has been made possible with support from First National Bank (FNB) since inception 8 years ago. First National Bank’s position is that the green agenda cannot be separated from the social upliftment agenda in South Africa. Through our partnership with SANParks we are able to raise awareness on the importance of environmental education. We believe in responsible actions by individuals and communities, as an imperative factor in protecting and managing the environment and we are proud to be enablers of this initiative. The survival of the South African national parks system and our natural and cultural heritage lies in its people. As we celebrate 20 years of democracy in our country, we must applaud programmes like the National Parks Week for creating a sense of ownership of the natural heritage of South Africa in all its people,” says Hans Hillebrand, FNB CEO National Government & Institutional Business.

The newest sponsor Total South Africa has stepped up to the plate to help South Africans access these beautiful acres of land across the country. “Total South Africa’s partnership with SANParks provides TOTAL with a vehicle through which we can carry out our commitment to preserving the natural environment for future generations. We are also able to engage in extensive environmental education that seeks to share the wonders of the natural world with communities and children. We hope that the National Parks Week will help instill a culture of pride in our natural heritage and a sense of responsibility for its ongoing preservation in communities”, says Pansy Mekwa, Total South Africa General Manager: Strategy.

SANParks encourages all South Africans and especially educators and school groups to diarise these dates and plan a visit to a national park nearby. “The survival of the South African national parks system and our natural and cultural heritage lies in the people of South Africa,” concludes Thakhuli.

1st Setpember 2014

Let’s show our support: 
Dean would like to do local trips (Bethlehem etc) for residents of Clarens as a means of getting back to work gradually. As most people know, he has been off the road commercially since March, but he is getting stronger and needs to get back to driving again. He is hoping to make trips into Bethlehem to fetch and carry for locals, thus earning a little income and get himself back into the work habit. It has been a long haul, but thankfully he is winning the battle. Now we truly need
the support of the locals where possible, so if anyone needs items collecting or taking into town, please contact us, you will be helping Dean get back to work which he is very anxious to do now. The people of Clarens have been so caring through this terrible time and we both truly appreciate each and every person who has made a point of popping in to ask how he is doing. If there are any elderly (or not so elderly) people who need to go on shopping trips (group of 6 ideal) Dean is happy to collect you all and drive you through for a morning shop and wait for you in town for a small fee – once
again please contact us in this regard. Contact details (Maureen 082 921 3894) or physical address; Malutifootprints & Tours
“On The Square’ Main Street Clarens…