Clarens Clouds and Rain

 Clouds and Rain

The photograph above  features in the 2014 calendar produced by and sold in aid of Cluny Animal Trust.
The cloud in the photograph is not a typical cloud type of the Free State; however, it is not uncommon in these highlands of the Eastern Free State.  Its formation, which is known as lenticular, shaped like a lens, is caused by the movement of the wind and is almost always associated with a mountainous region.  Read more   
Calendars can be purchased at Clementines Restaurant and the Old Stone Bottle Store, in Clarens.  Alternatively they can be ordered from Katherine on 0827886287, Jan on 0782462553, Helen on 0582230918 or by email to .  …….More on the Cluny Animal Trust


Heritage Day – 24th September 2013

24th September is Heritage day – also known as National Braai Day.  Originally celebrated as Shaka Day, it was decided that this day would not just commemorate King Shaka who was instrumental in uniting Zulu clans into a cohesive nation, but to celebrate  the rich cultural heritage and the diversity of  all those people who make up our rainbow nation.  Nelson Mandela:  “When our first democratically-elected government decided to make Heritage Day one of our national days, we did so because we know that our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our new nation.”

BUT we live in Clarens, and being a holiday destination, just about everyone in Clarens will be too busy seeing to the needs of guests to worry about Heritage Day. It was therefore decided that we would not only celebrate Heritage Day, but in the true tradition of  this day, we would celebrate the whole Clarens Community by having a Community Braai-off on Sunday 29th September.  Everyone is invited to have some fun, dress up for the occasion, sample some local cooking, and at the same time help those in need in our local community.

To find out how YOU can get involved……Read more


Community braai: 29th September, 2013

Maloti Makiti

Fouriesburg is celebrating in style this weekend. The program includes a Farmers Market, Cheese and wine, Soccer, Musical concerts, Pet parade, Potjiekos, Tavern Tours, kids entertainment, and even a Gospel show. For the more athletically inclined there is also theMaloti Modder challenge (the ultimate cross-country challenge) the Maloti Makiti Mile. And if that isn’t enough – a soccer tournament.
To see the full program… more


Plant of the week: Cussonia paniculata


Cussonia 1Damien Coulson:

Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “Weekly Plant of Interest”. We’ll be looking at woody species whose unique growth form and bark make it a visually striking plant, thus enabling it to be easily recognisable all-year round.
Cussonia paniculata or the Mountain Cabbage Tree (commonly known as Suidelike Bergkiepersol in Afrikaans, or Motšhethše in Sisotho), is a medium sized tree of up to 8 meters. Cussonia is derived from the name of a French professor – Pierre Cusson (1727 – 1783), who studied botany at Montpellier, France. paniculata refers to the form of the branched flower head. Cussonia occurs singly in most instances, or in widely scattered colonies found at up to 2000 m A.S.L. It is found at higher altitudes on warm north and west facing slopes in Kloofs and at lower altitudes in Low-Altitude Grassland among Rocks.

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A visit to the Thusanang Care Group


Genevieve Blignaut

Driving through Kgubetswana I couldn’t help but smile from my heart. The kindliness experienced in the beautifully kept township of our town made me feel truly grateful to be a part of our community.
One of the treasures that must be explored and supported is the Thusanang Care Group. This Non-Profit organization was established in 2004 running various programs free of charge to the Kgubetswana community.
Health and welfare is the main focus of Thusanang rendering services such as Home Based Care, HIV/ Aids awareness and Orphaned and Vulnerable children programs.      Read more


The Twitcher

All smiles this week.  The sun shines, spring is sprung, the grass is riz.  In short, all we need is a serious rainy season to make the year complete.  Starting tomorrow.

Little to report on the ornithological front, other than some reproductive antics from our resident Hadedas, Darby and Joan.  In a time-honoured tradition, Darby appears to feel a profound urge, jump on top of Joan and balance there for as long as it takes.  Joan meanwhile, keeps extracting worms from our greening lawn and appears oblivious to the invasion of her, um, space.  Of more immediate interest are matters bovine: Some of our readers may have noticed an invasion of apparently quite hungry cattle in and on our CBD.

In and of itself, this phenomenon is quite romantic from a tourist perspective and is even reminiscent of rural landscapes by Gainborough and his chums.  Certainly good for the odd picture postcard.  Or is it?  Read more


This weekend – Weather

It looks as though  there’s a good chance we may see some of the cumulonimbus clouds mentioned in Mayr Walker’s article this week:  Clouds and Rain


This weekend – Live Music

Friday: 20th September 2013
Artichoke: 18h00: Deon the Okie from Soutie
Street Cafe: 20h30:  Denzl & Hensie
Friends: 20h30:  Van Smith

Saturday: 21 September 2013
Artichoke: 13h00: Jana & Mia
Street Cafe: 20h30: Denzl & Hensie
Grouse & Claret:  20h30:  Slipstream
Friends: 20h30: Van Smith

Sunday 22nd September 2013
Grouse & Claret: 13h00 Jana & Mia


This weekend – Rugby fixtures

South African Currie Cup September 2013


Western Province



Newlands, Cape Town





Free State Cheetahs

Growthpoint KINGS PARK, Durban



Golden Lions


Blue Bulls

Ellis Park, Johannesburg


Coming Events

The planned program for the ClassicClarens Festival 2013. has been updated. ….Read more

The Bookfest program has not been published yet, but it looks as though this going to be tn event to remember. The sneak preview of the Winnie Mandela film is quite a coup, and it seems that Debra has also managed to entice some very well-known authors to the event.

We will keep you posted. (I can’t wait!)

To see what else is happening……visit the  Events page on our website

Note from the editor

The best laid plans of mice and men.  We promised you an Adventure page on the website last week…..sorry.  We are still struggling with the web design aspect of the news.  (Probably because the editor would much rather be doing something else!)

ADVENTURES.  We have all been working hard at collecting information on all the adventures on offer in Clarens. Our aim is to build a website which reflects Clarens and everything it has to offer, but,  we need your help to achieve this. Please let us know what adventures you have to offer to our Clarens visitors:  email: