Table of Contents:

  • We wish you a Merry Christmas;
  • Thank you;
  • Clarens Skies –  Sagittarius;
  • New Rangers in town?;
  • Letter from Clarens Ratepayers Association;
  • Paballo’s Nursing Care @ Clarens;
  • Plant of the week: Rosa rubiginosa;
  • Clarens Village Conservancy Christmas Trees;
  • Golf News: Caddie Championships;
  • Golf News: Festive Season operating hours;
  • Festive Season – Weather;
  • Festive Season – Wining and Dining;
  • Festive Season – Music;
  • Church Services;
  • New Year’s Eve;
  • Other Events;
  • Note from the editor



We wish you a Merry Christmas

May you find your pot of gold under the Christmas tree.


Thank you

Kobus Rust phoned in yesterday to say what awesome people we have in Clarens. He arrived in Clarens yesterday morning, in his convertible, and since the morning was bright, hot and sunny, he decided to leave the top down whilst he went off to explore our town.  Then – once he was a fair distance from his car the heavens opened, and since he knew he would never make it back in time to his car, he accepted that his car would soon be turned into a water-bucket, and that its electronics would probably be severely damaged. Imagine his relief and surprise, when on returning to his car he found that some thoughtful Clarenite had covered the car completely in plastic.  Kobus has not been able to establish who this thoughtful person is, and has asked Clarens News to pass on his thanks.  In fact – he is so struck with Clarens that he has decided to buy property here.  (Now isn’t that a nice story.)

Clarens Skies –  Sagittarius

Genevieve Blignaut

Nestled in the middle of our Milky Way lies the ‘Archer’, poised in the Sagittarius Constellation. The constellation is 27 000 light-years away from Earth, and therefore most of the constellation’s stars are easily concealed in the steam of starry lights. This is due to cosmic dust. The bow (with its teapot shape) of the Archer however, is fairly easy to see.

About Sagittarius

Many a centaur in Greek Mythology was violent, untrustworthy and drank too much. The centaur Chiron however, was different. The Sun-god, Apollo and Goddess of the Moon and Wild Animals, Diana, thought it good to educate Chiron with kindness, wisdom and gentleness.

Read more





New Rangers in town?

No.  They’re just the same fabulous four Clarens Village Conservancy rangers dressed in their new uniforms. And wow – don’t they look great.  Look out for them as they do their rounds around town and in the Clarens Village Conservancy. The rangers provide a valuable service keeping our town crisp and clean, maintaining the trails as well as the environmental integrity of the Nature Reserve, providing environmental education and encouragement for recycling in our schools and always willing to help  out with numerous other projects whenever extra hands are needed. Show your support by becoming a member of the Clarens Village Conservancy (and if you already are a member, be sure to renew your membership.)
Click here for your membership form.   (See the letter below from the Ratepayers Association for a breakdown on how the membership money is spent.)

Letter from Clarens Ratepayers Association

Firstly, season’s greetings to all and if you are travelling over the holidays, drive carefully.

The Numbering of Clarens’ Properties in line with the South African Protocol is now complete, i.e., approved by Province and is being handed over to the Municipality for inclusion in their billing system; so you should see your new house number next year on your Municipal Account.  Thanks Ralph and Rodney for your had work on this.

It is time to call on you for your support by either renewing your membership or, if you are not already a member, joining these three associations.  The cost of subscriptions is as follows:

  • Village R300.00 per annum for each household, with a 50% reduction for pensioners
  • Housing Estates R120.00 per annum

As most of you are aware, the funds are shared as follows – 50% to the CVC, 25% to the CRA and 25% to the CVFA, with top-ups from the CRA to the CVC and/or the CVFA as required throughout the year.  We have to pay our Rangers and of course, we want to keep them, so please dig into your hard earned cash and join us.  Of course should you wish to donate more that the subscription amount, any sum will be most gratefully received.

Click here for Membership Form and Bank Details  (Please let me know if you require an invoice)

Many thanks.

Ph:  058 256 1123   email :raubenheimer@icon.co.za

Paballo’s Nursing Care @ Clarens

Paballo’s Nursing Care @ Clarens wish all their patients, friends and visitors to Clarens a Happy and Healthy Fetive Season and New Year.  Both our professional nurses will be in the village during this period for normal and emergency care.  The nurses provide a variety of services as well as relevant information and advice and are even prepared to do home visits.   For medical assistance visit the nurse’s rooms behind the pharmacy (opposite the Protea Hotel).  Sister Henriette Hohne (phone 082 327 1035) or Sister Antoinette Earle (083 236 1293) will attend to your needs. To see the list of services provided and their charges please click here. 

We really are very very lucky to have 24 hour professional nursing available in Clarens. A big thank you to Paballo’s Nursing, and our best wishes for the festive season and the New Year.  Let’s hope that the nurses are not kept too busy to enjoy this very special time.

 Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve

Plant of the week: Rosa rubiginosa

Damien Coulson
Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “Weekly Plant of Interest”. We’ll be looking at a non-indigenous species of the Rosaceae family that many of you may already be familiar with, but is of great interest nonetheless.
Rosa rubiginosa (known as the Eglantine Rose or Sweet Briar in English, Wilderoos in Afrikaans & mamarosa in sisotho), is a deciduous shrub of around 2-3 m high. The name eglantine is from Middle English eglentyn, from Old French aiglantin or from aiglent meaning ‘sweetbrier’. Sweet refers to the subtle fragrance of the leaves which are reminiscent of the scent of apples, while briar or brier refers to the plant being a thorny bush. R. rubigonosa may be found growing in dense groves in disturbed areas and near rivers or streams, and even on moist south facing slopes in the Eastern Free State. Widespread from the WC – Kwa-Zulu Natal. The leaves of R. rubigonosa are pinnate and vary between 50-90 mm in length with 5-9 oval leaflets with serrated margins and bearing small hairs. The stems are green-reddish brown, approx 1 cm in diameter and have numerous small hooked thorns. The flowers are 18-30 mm in diameter, with 5 petals – white in the centre grading to pink with multiple yellow to burned-orange stamens. The flowers are usually produced in clusters of 2-7. Flowering occurs from Oct – Dec. The fruit – called “hip” (hence the common rose-hip association) are globose to oblong, deep red and 10-20 mm in diameter.   Read more


Clarens Village Conservancy Christmas Trees

If you haven’t secured a Christmas tree yet, pop in at the Farmer’s Market at the Bibliophile on Saturday, and get one from The Clarens Village Conservancy.  Christmas trees (harvested from the Clarens Village Nature Reserve as part of their alien vegetation control program) will be on sale. A small tree (1 – 1,5m) will cost you only R50, medium (2 – 2,5m)  is R70, and a large one (3 – 3,5m) is R100.

Should you require any further information, please contact Damien on
076 833 8910.


Golf News: Caddie Championships

The Clarens Golf Estate caddies had a fun filled day of competitive Golf. The yearly Caddie Championships was held today on 19 December. Prizes were sponsored from by members of the golf club,  Clarens Golf Estate Home Owners, as well as The Posthouse, and Serendipity.  Four caddies: Piet Colin Mokoena, will be Mpho Motaung, Frank Nhlapo and Piet Miya  were selected to become part of the Clarens Golf Estate official Caddie team, and will represent the Clarens Golf Club at forthcoming events in Ladybrand and Bloemfontein. If you would like to contribute towards the costs of sending the caddies to these events please contact Ray Meyers:  082 4905617





Golf News: Festive Season operating hours

Course will be operating 7 days a week from 16 December until 6 January during School Holidays. On days before and after Public Holidays the operating hours have been adjusted to give staff well deserved time with Family and Friends.

December 24th: Course Open until 12h00 for tee off. Bar closes at 15h00.

December 25th: Course and Clubhouse closed. Christmas Day

December 26th: Course Opens at 10h00 until closing.

December 31st: Course Open until 12h00 for tee off. Bar closes at 15h00.

January 1st: Course Opens at 10h00 until closing. New years Day.

Festive Season – Weather


Festive Season – Wining and Dining

If you haven’t booked a special Christmas dinner yet you may still be able to get a table at the following venues, who are all offering special Christmas Delights.

Christmas Eve  24th December 2013
The Grouse and Claret: 058 256 1795
The Posthouse: 058 256 1534
The Phatt Chef: 058 356 1742
278 On Main: 082 5565208
Artichoke:  058 256 1283
Protea Hotel: 058 256 1212

Christmas Day: 25th December 2013
The Phatt Chef: 058 256 1534
Artichoke: 058 256 1283

New Year’s Eve
Artichoke: 058 256 1534
The Grouse and Claret: 058 256 1785  Music: Slipstream
278 On Main: 082 5565208
The Phatt Chef: 058 356 1742

Festive Season – Music

Friday 20 December 2013
The Grouse & Claret:  Slipstream

Saturday 21 December 2013
Friends: Slipstream
Artichoke: Gail (vocal & guitar)

24 December; 2013
278 On Main:  Gail

Friday 27 December 2013
Friends:  Slipstream
Artichoke:  Gail (guitar and vocals)

Saturday 28 December 2013
Friends:  Slipstream
The Grouse & Claret:  Denzl & Hensie
Artichoke:  Gail (guitar & vocals)

Monday 30 December 2013
Friends:  Van Smith

Tuesday 31 December 2013 
Friends:  Van Smith
The Grouse & Claret: Slipstream
Artichoke:  Denzl & Hensie.   Deon
278 On Main:  Gail

Church Services

Christmas Eve:  Carols by Candlelight
Garden at the Pastorie, Main Street, Clarens:  19h00
Bring your own chairs and warm clothing

Christmas Day
NG Kerk:  Main Street, Clarens:  08h00 and 10h00
Methodist Church:  134 Roos Street:  09h30  Christmas service
Anglican Church:  134 Roos Street:  06h00  Communion service

New Year’s Eve
NG Kerk:  Main Street, Clarens:  18h00


New Year’s Eve

Midnight in Paris:  Musical Tribute to Edith Piaf & Jacques Brel and music clips Les Miserables
Soloists:  JJ and Samantha Clark
Venue:  NG Kerk:  Churchhall:     19h30
Bring a picnic basket and your own refreshments.
Cost:  R60.   To book phone Lizette: 083 375 9900 or Karla: 082 302 5920

Other Events

Farmers Market: Be sure to visit the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. This is the place to buy fresh local produce, home baked goodies, and lots lots more. (Including Christmas trees.)Click here to find out what is showing at the Bethlehem Kine ClassifiedsDo you have a house you want to rent out?  Need a job? Want to buy a generator?  Remember to check out the classifeds section.  Advertising on the classifieds section of Clarens News is free.  All you need to do is to email  your advert to: editor@clarensnews.com


Note from the editor

This is our last edition of Clarens News this year, so we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and everything you wish for yourselves in 2014.