Let’s show our support: 
Dean would like to do local trips (Bethlehem etc) for residents of Clarens as a means of getting back to work gradually. As most people know, he has been off the road commercially since March, but he is getting stronger and needs to get back to driving again. He is hoping to make trips into Bethlehem to fetch and carry for locals, thus earning a little income and get himself back into the work habit. It has been a long haul, but thankfully he is winning the battle. Now we truly need
the support of the locals where possible, so if anyone needs items collecting or taking into town, please contact us, you will be helping Dean get back to work which he is very anxious to do now. The people of Clarens have been so caring through this terrible time and we both truly appreciate each and every person who has made a point of popping in to ask how he is doing. If there are any elderly (or not so elderly) people who need to go on shopping trips (group of 6 ideal) Dean is happy to collect you all and drive you through for a morning shop and wait for you in town for a small fee – once
again please contact us in this regard. Contact details (Maureen 082 921 3894) or physical address; Malutifootprints & Tours
“On The Square’ Main Street Clarens…