19th July 2014: Mandela Day.

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Clarens Community Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela International Day

Nelson Mandela Day


Today is Nelson Mandela International Day – a day which Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations refers to as a call to action.    Each of us can celebrate this day by helping to address real problems in our communities. Together we can give great meaning to our celebration by paving the way for a better future.  For more information on this day, Click here for the article on the South Africa info website.Several organisations and businesses in Clarens are answering the call.

Mandela Day in Clarens

Several Clarens organisations (and at least one business)  are answering the call to celebrate Mandela Day by doing something uplifting for the community.


Phaphama Youth Development

Our nation’s elderly are a precious resource. We need to honour them. To cherish them. To thank them. You can give back to the elderly by joining us on the 19 July 2014 when we do our Mandela Day part by cleaning the centre, donating some goods and spending time with them.

Old Age can be of a nice thing to many but to others it means loneliness, isolation and monotony which can be soul destroying. Being one of the life changers we believe it is up on the youth and the current generation to take care of them elderly and to support them and show them that they are cared for and loved.

Phaphama Youth Development is the way to bring hope to the hopelessness, our cutting edge services bring so much impact on those we touch or work with.

You are not sure of what to do for Mandela day and you are probably thinking what can I do in Clarens on that weekend? If your answer is YES; well Phaphama and FNB Volunteer Team is giving you a chance to be part of this much needed event that is scheduled as follows:

Date: 19 July 2014  Venue: Ratanang Luncheon Club (158 Kgubetswana)  Time: 14:00 – 15:00
Contact Ntsebe Mofokeng @ 078 245 1709 or via email at nmofokeng23@gmail.com

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

The Department of Agriculture & Rural Development held their Mandela Day event  at Ithuseng Disabled Centre at 10h00 this morning. From there we will be heading to Saron Farm to do gardening for 2 Pensioners.

Action: Preparation of soil and planting of vegetables seeds.

Contact: Tsepiso Mosia, Department of Agriculture & Rural Development, Phone: 071 0791332

Unfortunately, Clarens News were not able to attend this event, but Tsepiso has promised to send us some photographs.

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Golden Gate Highlands National Park are holding an event in Mokobobong (informal settlement) Clarens on 21 July, 2014 at 10h00. They have decided to extend a helping hand to a particularly needy family (identified by Bana Ba Hlokang) in Clarens by building them a shack.   The event starts at 10h00, starting with a welcome and opening address by Clarens Ward  Councilor –   Matshidi Mokoena, which is to be followed by an introduction to the event by the Program Director Mr. T. Mdlalose, and an explanation of the Purpose of the Event  by   Golden Gate Park Manager – Ms. S. Mhlophe.  Therafter there will be a short Speech  by Ms. Innocentia Lekau – Dept of Soc Dev Bethlehem, followed by another short Speech by  Mr. Thomas Thaele  (Tshepong Care Centre).   Everyone will then participate in the building of the shack, after which a family member will propose a vote of thanks.

For further details contact:  Mr T Mdalose Tel: 058 255 0991  Cell: 073 028 2319  Email: thulani.mdlalose@sanparks.org


Saturday is Mandela Day at Bon Appetit (Rosemary Centre, Clarens)

A percentage on all meals and drinks ordered that day will be donated to Cluny Animal Trust.

School Events

The schools are on holiday at the moment, but we are sure that they will be commemorating Mandela once they get back on Monday.   Keep an eye on our facebook page to find out what is happening.


Clarens Community Organisations : Making Every Day a Mandela Day

The overarching objective of Nelson Mandela International Day is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better, and in doing so build a global movement for good. Ultimately it seeks to empower communities everywhere to “Take Action; Inspire Change; Make Every Day a Mandela Day.”

Clarens is blessed with many organisations and individuals who Make Every Day a Mandela Day.   Have a look at the Community Oganisations page on the website for more information on the work they do – and how you can help to make every day a Mandela Day.


The Twitcher

Clarens Village Life The Twitcher

You’re lying on a river bank, soaking up the sun, king of all you see, and then……………….

The Twitcher sent us this video clip along with some totally irrelevant comments on life in Clarens (which doesn’t have a river or a river bank, or even a sun-bathing spot at the moment so the editor decided you could work out something out for yourselves.)




Golfing for Rhinos

Golfing for Rhinos

Clarens is in for a rare sight early next week.  Heinrich Adriaan du Preez is a South African amateur golfer, and the holder of 28 golf related world records, including 15 Guinness World records, is taking on a new challenge in order to raise funds for The Rhino Orphanage.   From the 19 – 27 July, he is trading in his golf cart for a New Holland T5 Tractor.  He is aiming to play a round of golf in all 9 SA´s provinces in just 9 days – using the New Holland T% Tractor (which has the same top speed as a standard golf cart….35km/h) as his golf cart – and as his mode of travel between the different golf courses.  (He will be  travelling about 2000 km and playing 9 rounds of golf in just 9 days.)   Read more

Rhino Orphanage Rhino Orphanage

The reason behind this epic road trip is to raise funds for the world´s only Rhino Orphanage. This facility looks after baby rhinos who´s mothers have been killed by poachers. To find out more about the rhino orphanage please click here

Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve:  Printzia laxa

Printzia laxa


Article and photography by Damien Coulson

Head ranger:  Clarens Village Nature Reserve


Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “bi-Monthly Plant of Interest”. This week we’re focusing on a member of the Asteraceae (Daisy) family.

Printzia laxa (Giant Daisy Bush in English, and Sephomolo in Sesotho), is a perennial herb which grows to around 2 m tall. This plant grows in moist scrub below Clarens Formation sandstone cliffs and in close proximity to streams. Growth has been recorded at altitudes of up to 2400 m A.S.L from the EC through to Mpum.

The name laxa; is derived from the Latin laxus and refers to the drooping growth-form of this species. P. laxa makes use of an unusual flowering timing (but by no means isolated) in that it is one of few plants in the province to flower in winter. The advantages of this system are that there are fewer other plants with which to compete for pollination services, and could theoretically result in increased reproductive success. The flowers of this species are highly variable and may appear pinker in certain regions.  Read more

CVC Report Back June 2014
Clarens Village Conservancy

Clarens Village Conservancy Report Back June 2014

Read more

It’s Fire Season Again

Given the dry and windy conditions, It looks as though we are going to be particularly vigilant this year.   Please have a look at The Clarens Fire Association page on the website.  Everyone needs to familiarize themselves with the protocols to follow in case of a house or a veld fire and on how best to be prepared in case of fire.

Whilst you’re on the website, please also check out the IMPORTANT NUMBERS page.  Make sure you have them handy – you never know when you may need them.

Clarens Fire Association Newsletter

Clarens Fire Association

Fire Season Activities





Clarens Tourism Forum

The CTF is holding a general meeting at Mont D’Or on 29th July to discuss the way forward for the CTF.  They  have ideas on how they think the CTF should continue as a more professional marketing organisation we would like to present and discuss with all stakeholders.  Anyone and everyone to attend. Clarens Tourism Forum Notice


Friday 18th July:
Amigos:  OB will be playing from 16h30
The Grouse: Denzl and Hensie from 20h00 onwards

Artichoke:  Deon is playing from 12h30  (until the rugby)
Straight after the rugby:  Ric and Victor

Amigos:  OB will be playing from 14h00.  (Then it’s rugby!)




Restaurant Specials

Artichoke:  A great new speciality: LARGE savoury pancakes with chips and salad (or two sweet pancakes)  from 11 to 5 o’ clock daily.

Monday:  Protea Hotel: 17h00 – 19h00:  Soup and Sherry specials (R35) includes assorted breads and and the 1st sherry free.We also have periodic cake specials at R35 for cake and coffee/hot chocolate/cuppachino.Monday – Friday:  The Posthouse breakfast! Sart the day on the right note.  The Posthouse Breakfast ranges from R22 – R30, and includes tea and coffee.


Friends Happy Hour from 20h00 to 21h00.  Live music.

Wednesday:  Brambleberry @ The Ash (Old Cranford):  Burger and Pizza Specials

Thursday:   Golden Age Day at Bon Appetit Bistro: (Rosemary Centre) Every Thursday (except Public Holidays) is now “Golden Age Day” @ Bon Appetit Bistro. If you are in the Golden Age (over 65 years old), come enjoy Breakfast (served all day), a light lunch, tea, coffee or cake and get 10% discount on your bill.  Open from 9.30am till 4.00pm.

Thursday:  Brambleberry:  Happy Hour 17h30 to 18h30 followed by two-course meal special

Friday:  Courtyard: Specials at the Cafe every friday from 12 noon, and at the Restaurant every friday evening from 18h00

Friday:  The Highlander: Happy Hour from 17h30 to 18h30. Need to make a booking?   Click here for a list of Restaurant telephone numbers

SundayProtea Hotel:  First Sunday of every month, carvery at the Protea Hotel. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. Price R125  (Ph: 058 256 1212)

Coming Events

Visit the Events page to see other coming events

Mountain Breeze Clarens Women's Day event





Remember to check out the Classifieds page on the website…   Brandon is looking for 50 hay bales.   (LOOK On the Classifieds page under STUFF – Wanted)

Should you wish to place an ad please contact editor@clarensnews.co.za



An information tool

The Clarens News website is an information tool.   Our objective being to give you  Everything you need to know about Clarens.   Since we do not have a dedicated info centre inClarens we all need to step into that role and be in a position to give Clarens visitors the information they need in order to keep them coming back. We also need to keep abreast of what’s happening in our community – and it is hoped that by visiting the community pages on the website everyone will be in a better position to lend a helping hand where necessary.  If you have information you would like to add to the website or our facebook page, please feel free to contact us:  email: editor@clarensnews.co.za.  In the meantime, please make use of the website – accommodation owners especially well find it a useful resource to answer questions such as how do we get to Clarens, what should do whilst we’re there, and even…. when is it going to snow?

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