Fishing in Clarens

For those who think there’s no fishing to be had in Clarens, take a look a this photo sent to us by Scott Hunter.  Scott writes:

“Here is the picture of the trout my son (Oliver) and I caught in the town dam. The fish defiantly have a preference towards bigger fly’s fished on Intermediate lines close the the bottom. We got two on Friday afternoon and I got a another nice cockfish on Saturday morning. The fish in this photo was close on 3kg, even though the picture doesn’t quite do it justice. It was a great fight with lots of big jumps and strong fast runs, putting me skills to the test with the light 4lb tippet I was using. The good news is that this fish is still swimming in the dam in a perfect condition.”   Should you want to recatch this beauty you will need to cast a fly in the Townland’s Dam which is managed by the Clarens Fly fishing Club.  Get your fishing permit from ClarensXtreme.

The rivers are closed to fishing at the moment, but  will re open on the 1st September, 2013.

Clarens and the surrounding area has some of the best fly fishing spots in South Africa – but you need to know where to find them.  Contact Greg: 073 428 2478

You’ll also find fishing news on

Letter to the whole Clarens community

Date: 12 August 2013
To the whole Clarens community:
As I’m sure you are all aware by now, there was a break-in this weekend on the Golf course…
I would like to compliment and thank every single person that was involved with the arresting of a house robber this weekend. I cannot remember everyone by name because there are so many.
We have never in our lives seen a community work together like we saw this weekend.  Every single person from caddies, security guards and managers of the golf course to residents, SAPS, Police forum and bystanders were involved.
If it wasn’t for your rapid response and communication with each other the suspect would still be at large and we would be without our belongings.
We feel that the rest of the country can learn from you on how a community should work together to help prevent, fight and abolish crime.We take our hats off to you and salute you in a job well done and for being an example of how our country can be operating.
Thank you for putting my faith back into our country.
Kind Regards
Raoul vd Walt

SPF Appeal

Keeping our town crime free is everyone’s responsibility and  all crime should be reported to the police station.

  • Charge office  –  058 256 6001 and 058 256 6002
  • Officer on duty –  082 466 8904
  • Station Commander  –  Capt Mohale – 082 419 7094

In an effort to co-ordinate crime statistics  The Sector Police Forum  also ask that anyone who has not received a case number for crimes reported to the police to please contact the Sector Police Forum.

  •  Johann Lehman on 083 447 9925

Clarens Fire Association – Working on Fire

From a letter addressed to Rodney Wainwright from Dick Lemmer:

What an amazing experience to see the team of working=on=fire in action during a run-away fire on the farm Kuriake.
With the help of Duncan, local farmers and your team, the fire was put out within a few hours……
The work you and your team are involved with can only be seen as a great asset to the community within the district of Clarens.

As you can see fires are a huge problem in our area, and we are really lucky to have the WoF team based in Clarens.  We do however, all need to play our part. Remember that the ban on open fires is still effective.

The Clarens Working on Fire team continue to be on stand by to protect our village and the surrounding area.
They do however, need your help…Read more


Plant of the week:  Buddleja salvifolia


Damien Coulson



Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “Weekly Plant of Interest”. We’ll be looking at a woody species that most of you will have already seen in the reserve and on several of the C.V.C. hiking trails.Buddleja salviifolia or Quilted Sagewood (known as Saliehoud in Afrikaans or Lelothoane in Sisotho), is a small tree of 3 – 8 m tall. It is usually found on forest margins, along rocky stream-banks and near cave sandstone overhangs. ….Read more

 C.V.C. Fun Day at Clarens Primary School

Damien Coulson (Head ranger CVC) sent a full report on the recent fun day at Clarens Primary School.
Two weeks back the C.V.C. introduced 300 students to the concept of recycling through a brief PowerPoint presentation and recycling game. The second (and main) event: the C.V.C. Fun-Day, was held on Thursday August the 8th after a great deal of preparation.
Early on the morning of August 8th Sherri, Damien and the rangers set up a score of games on the playgrounds of Clarens Primary. The games had been developed with care over the past few weeks using mostly recycled materials. Students from both the Foundation (grades 1-3) and Intermediate (grades 4-7) Phases were given an opportunity to try each of the 7 recycling orientated games that had been developed for the day.The students really had a good time and even some of the educators joined in on the fun. The WoF team impressed the rangers with their ability to work with children and Sherri helped ensure that the day ran smoothly.
Later that day the rangers and Sherri (and one interested Working on Fire teammate) took the time to visit each class from grades 1 – 7, to score and judge the recycling posters produced by each of the groups per grade. In the end a winning team from both the Foundation & Intermediate Phase was selected (after some healthy debate) and the winning teams were  announced on Monday the 12th of August during (an early morning) assembly. The winning group from Grade 2 went positively ballistic when their team was announced and the winning group from grade 6, although only slightly more collected were also thrilled when their group was announced. Both groups displayed their winning posters for the entire school to see.

CVC Fun Day 7.jpg.pngThe educators expressed their gratitude to Damien & Sherri and explained that this wasthe first such event that the students had been provided the entire year. The winning teams will be transported to Clarens Xtreme on Thursday the 15th of August using the Working on Fire truck and accompanied by Sherri, the rangers & several WoF teammates. (Mostly) everyone involved in the Fun-Day thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was clear that all the planning had been well worth the joy it invoked. It seems that more such Fun-Days just might be on their way!
To read the full report  and see all the photographs Press here

Tourism Forum News :

Call for assistance at the upcoming Gauteng Getaway Show
==================================The Clarens Tourism Forum will be representing Clarens at the upcoming N3 Gateway’s Gauteng Getaway Show at the Northgate Dome at the end of the month, and is looking for assistance from anyone who is willing to help. The show is expected to attract around 23 000 visitors, and it is a great marketing opportunity.We would like to have 4 people to man the stand, and have 2 so far. You need to stand at the stall and hand out pamphlets and promote Clarens verbally, generally just be friendly and promote the Town as “Clarens The Destination”.Traveling and accommodation costs will be covered by the CTF.The dates and times are:**· **Friday 30 August – 11h00 ? 19h00****

**· **Saturday 31 August – 09h00 ? 19h00****

**· **Sunday 1 September – 09h00 ? 17h00****

Representatives will also be required to check in at the Northgate Dome on Thurs 29 August for a briefing session and to collect badges etc.

Please will anyone that is interested in helping contact any of the following people:

Tammy Hancock –
Chris Green –
Chris Pefanis –

Thanking you in anticipation,

Clarens Tourism Forum

Free Workshops for Hospitality Staff

The following Funded Training is being offered to the Clarens Community Businesses for the upliftment of their staff  and for Interns and upskilling unemployed people around the area.

National Certificate: Accommodation Services NQF2 – (Focussed on housekeepers in the hospitality sector)

National Certificate: Food and Beverage Services NQF4 – (Focussed on waiters and barmen in the hospitality sector)

For the duration of these programs your staff will be paid R2000 a month / Pro rated dependant on  working hours

For more information please e mail

The Twitcher

Last week I suggested that Clarens was on something of a roll.  Well, in terms of building anyway.  Imagine my surprise when the long weekend (yes, OK, happy Woman’s Month yet again) inundated the village with more visitors than Easter, apparently confirming the level of interest in the Clarens experience?  Sure, there were well-founded rumours of snow in the high mountains of Lesotho but breaking every sales record in the history of the Clarens Brewery??  Now that’s a measure of success.
Being an exploratory sort of fellow, I ventured out of my darkened study into the Clarens CBD on Saturday night and into a maelstrom of sound and light.  Mrs Twitcher and I shimmied into a well-known hostelry and found ourselves nose to speaker with Rooibard, the band.  No birds to speak of, other than a thicket of young things moving myopically to the beat, but an experience of serious note.  Through a haze of cigarette, smoke the band sashayed their way through three-hours of amazement without doing a single cover.  And were they good!!

Okay, audio-anarchy pretty much sums it up, but what can you say about a group which plays (?), in addition to three guitars and clump of drums, a whistle, a violin, a squash-box, a scratchy thingie and a didgeridoo.  The latter did serious damage to my sternum and moved my gonads to a different plane of, dare I say it, enlightenment.  All in all an experience that our visitors will not forget in a hurry – and the whole thing fired by Tequila!

Which brings me neatly to the drop in temperature and the onset of winter.  Rumour has it that the Clarens Coat Shop has bribed Mother Nature to revert to type and bring in the clouds.  Whatever, the plunge in degrees Celsius has knackered the local bird population, who are now sheltering in the Old Stone Bottle Store’s technicolour dustbins.  So, if you are in need of a Yellow-Billed Hawk or two, a few Drongoes or a brace of Pigeons, you know where to look.  Don’t dip your hand in however; there are baboon droppings in the vicinity and signs of a Merecat, so do your bird-shopping with care.

Speaking personally, I have started waxing my skis, filling the brandy barrel on my St Bernard’s collar and checking the candles.  Don’t know about you, but I have no intention of being snowed-in, much as I love this idyllic little village.  Happy snow.

Editorial Comment: Bouquets for Clarens Town Management

The Clarens News recently reported the apparent ‘boom’ in house construction and business site development, and this week – quite unrelated – the Twitcher reports the delicious musical anarchy of Rooibart at the Street Café.  All rather good news, but given the proclivity of this publication (in the broadest sense) to focus on positive developments in our cosy village, we thought it appropriate to dish out an armful of bouquets to our new Town Manager and horticulturist, Peter Reed.

Anyone who drives our streets will have noticed a revolution in the cleaning, pruning, fertilising, clearing, planting and general maintenance of what ranks as the Free State’s premier tourist attraction.  Months and years of neglect have been turned-around in the last couple of months and the planting of trees at the twin entrances of Clarens signal a welcome change.  The square – arguably the village’s greatest asset – has been tidied and fertilised, trees have been pruned and, perhaps most notably, the Municipal Offices are having a horticultural makeover and general rejuvenation.  Even our road frontage is losing the infestation of invasive trees and the ‘rubbish tip’ below the road bridge into the village is looking positively delightful.  What’s more, his enthusiasm has ignited the spirit of community in all sorts of locals.

At risk of stating the obvious, Rosendal’s loss is a big win for Clarens.  Well done Peter.  From all of us.

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