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Mushroom Rock;

This weekend: Happy Valentine’s Day;
Let the cameras roll – Feature film to be shot in Clarens;
Hosa Treasure Hike Competition;
Clarens Village Nature Reserve:  Plant of interest:  Ranunculus multifidus;
The Twitcher;
Other Community News;
The end of an era – Simon and Megan are saying goodbye;
This weekend:  Regional Festivals –  Rosendal Festival;
This weekend:  Regional Festivals –  Bieliemieliefees;
This week:  Gosto:  A Taste of Portugal;
This week:  Get the beer taste-buds going;
Next weekend –  The Clarens Craft Beer Festival !!!!;
More Coming Events –  Supper Theatre in Clarens;
It’s super rugby time again;
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The landscape around Clarens abounds with mushroom rocks and the one photographed above can be clearly seen from the Clarens-Fouriesburg road.  (Stop at the St Fort turn off if you want to take a photograph.)   Hopefully, we will not become known as a town of mushrooms (ie people who are kept in the dark and fed on shit.)  But no need to worry, the editorial staff at  Clarens News will continue to keep you updated as to what is happening in and around Clarens with our newsletter (now going out every second week) as well as our facebook page. Then there’s always the website – which is continually updated and changed as we strive to build a website worthy of Clarens.  As to what’s happening in the rest of the world………well one sitting through any news bulletin shown on TV should not only keep you reasonably informed (even if you get the feeling that you’re being treated like a mushroom) but probably re-affirm why Clarens is such a special place.

This weekend: Happy Valentine’s Day

We can’t think of a more romantic destination than Clarens, and many of our Clarens restaurants are going the extra mile to make sure that this Valentine’s Day is specially romantic.

Restaurants with special Valentine’s Day menus:

278 On Main
The Courtyard
The Grouse & Claret
Cafe Xlent
The Millery @ The Base

Let the cameras roll – Feature film to be shot in Clarens

Bianca Isaac, film Producer based in Johannesburg. I am currently working on a feature film called:‘The Jakes Are Missing’, which she would love to set in Clarens. Since arriving here last year in search of the perfect location – I fell in love with Clarens immediately (and that was in winter:). It looks more beautiful every time I visit.
Bianca recently wrote to Accomodation owners in Clarens, giving details of the plot, and also outlining the Clarens community involvement in this project.   It seems that she is also going to need extras – and there are even some speaking parts up for grabs.   Click here to read her letter

HOSA Treasure Hike CompHiking Organisation of Southern Africaetition :

The Hiking Organisation of Southern Africa – HOSA – is running a fun event named TREASURE HIKE (based on the Geocaching concept), to be held for six (6) months – from  01 January to 30 June 2014.

For this kick-off project, only certain trails in South Africa will be involved. Only Green Flag Accredited trails, who are also HOSA member trails, will be participating. A list of these trails will appear on the HOSA website (  And guess what – two of these trails are right on our doorstep:  Cannibal at St Fort and Ribbok  in Golden Gate Highland Park. 
Read more

Clarens Village Nature Reserve:

 Plant of interest:  Ranunculus multifidus

Clarens Village Nature Reserve Rananculus multifidus Damien Coulson head ranger Clarens Village Nature Reserve
Damien Coulson
Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “bi-Weekly Plant of Interest”. We’ll be looking at a wild flower that seems unremarkable, yet as always when dealing with nature – there’s always something of interest to be discovered.

Ranunculus multifidus (Common Buttercup in English, Botterblom in Afrikaans and hlapi in Sesotho), is an erect perennial herb that grows to around 150 – 300 mm in height, is commonly found in damp ground near streams or wetland areas at altitudes of up to 2900 m A.S.L., and is widespread throughout S.A. It should be noted that a dwarf variety (at just 70 mm) of these species can be found at the upper reach of its eco-band/altitude.

R. multifidus may or may not have hairy leaves. One could deduce that the hairy leaves function as to trap moisture thereby retarding desiccation. If so, it is more likely that one would observe the hairy variety at higher altitudes where moisture is harder to come by. The leaves are a bright green with 2 – 3 pairs of deeply divided leaflets with heavily toothed margins. The inflorescence is branched and stems are hollow. Solitary flowers may be observed on small plants. The flowers are 15 – 25 mm in diameter and the 5 petals are a glossy mustard/rich butter-yellow colour. Flowers October – early Feb.   Read more

The Twitcher

Wouldn’t you know it: Valentine’s Day has come around again, much the same time as last year.  And the year before that.  In fact, checking my old diaries, it seems to be a perennial feature of life in the romantic lane.  As a social phenomenon, it stretches back centuries and has attracted the interest and witticisms of many a writer, professional and amateur.  The key difference of course, is that the amateurs don’t get published much, but probably score more dividends than all the pros put together.
Aberjhani, author of The River of Winged Dreams, waxed lyrical about love, saying, “What a lover’s heart knows let no man’s brain dispute”.  This suggests that idiots can function just as well as academics, although there are generations of respectable ladies who would put their money on a romp with a car mechanic in preference to a professor of Ancient Greek.  Ah well.  The same erudite author ventured that “This is what our love is––a sacred pattern of unbroken unity sewn flawlessly invisible inside all other images, thoughts, smells, and sounds”.  Confusingly, this may be more reminiscent of the public loos of Clarens than an ode to love.   Read more

Other Community News

Clarens Pharmacy change in trading hours
Wednesdays pharmacy will close at 15h00
Sundays closed for emergencies call 084-700 8558.
We will only be open on the busy Sundays like with the beer festival, long weekends, harley weekend etc.

Bird Interest Group:  
Interested in being part of a Bird Interest Group?   Clarens News invites interested persons to contact us ( with their input and ideas.

Community Notice Board
Please note that we now have a Community bulletin Board on the website:  To view Click here

The end of an era – Simon and Megan are saying goodbye

Kerr family in Clarens

The Kerr family –  Simon, Megan, Melissa, Jenna and Cameron – are saying goodbye after 14 years in Clarens – and trekking back to Natal.  Fortunately, they won’t be totally out of touch, and their Clarens friends will be able to pop in and visit them whenever they are en route to Natal, especially once the road over Oliviershoek pass has been fixed.  (There are promises that the road repairs will be completed by 1st April – THIS YEAR!!!!)   Their new location known as The Phatt Chef @ The Border Post is sited where the Caterpillar and Catiish used to be.  Their B&B and restaurant will be open from mid-March onwards, and I can see many of us popping in to enjoy their special Sunday lunch buffet menu (even when we’re not en-route to Natal.)  Should you wish to contact Simon or Megan you can still use their existing cell phone numbers (Simon: 082 469 3832; Megan: 082 469 2072.  email:

Join Simon and Megan for a beer or a cider at the Clarens Brewery on Sunday 16th February from 13h30 onwards so that they can wish their friends goodbye, collect outstanding IOU’s and just generally have a good old time Clarens Sunday afternoon.  

This weekend:  Regional Festivals –  Rosendal Festival

Rosendal Festival

Click here for more information

This weekend:  Regional Festivals –  Bieliemieliefees


Bielemielie fees Reitz                     13 – 16 February 2014.  Reitz


For  more info:



This week:  Gosto:  A Taste of Portugal

Hot off the press:  The first Portuguese restaurant in Clarens opens next week, in time for the Beerfest!
Situated in the new On.The.Sauare centre at 328 Market Street, Gosto brings the real taste of Portugal to town.
Call Carol on 082 4163687 to book – and remember Super Theatre on March 7 and 8:  The Way we were with Cat Simoni in this fabulous Barbara Streisand show.

This week:  Get the beer taste-buds going

Clarens Craft Beer Food Pairing

Next weekend –  The Clarens Craft Beer Festival !!!!

News for locals: 
Tickets to the next week’s Craft Beer Festival are selling fast and to ensure that you have a chance to get yourselves some should you want to, we will be selling tickets at the Clarens Brewery on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 Feb. Prices will be the same as on the web, R100 for a 1-day pass and R150 for a 2-day. Cash only, please.

Clarens Craft Beer Festival

Welcome to all the breweries:
Clarens is looking forward to welcoming all those breweries represented at this year’s beerfest: Copperlake Breweries, Robson’s, Chameleon Brewhouse, That Brewing Company, The Cockpit Brewhouse, Black Horse Brewery, De Garve, The Dog and Fig Brewery, Kaya Craft Beer, Mtunzini Brewery, Porcupine Quill Brewery Co., Smack Republic, Pale Ale, Brauhaus am Damm, Old Main Brewery.  And of course – Clarens Brewery will also be on the square over the beerfest weekend.On- line tickets:  Visit the Clarens Craft beerfest webpage.   

Entertainment:  The organisers have put together a fantastic musical line-up for the festival, and have been thoughtful enough to cater for non beer-drinking music lovers wanting to attend the festival simply to enjoy the music.   Should you fall into this group you can buy a “designated driver” ticket for only  R40.
Click here to see the program

Accommodation:  Accommodation in Clarens over that weekend has pretty much been booked, but there is still accommodation available nearby and a list is available on the Clarens Craft beerfest webpage. Should you have problems opening the page  –  click here 


More Coming Events –  Supper Theatre in Clarens

Clarens Theatre On The Square

For further details Click here

Have a look at the Clarens News website Coming Events page.

There’s always something to look forward to.  It may still be a couple of months away but you need to diarize the book launch on 21 March 2014:  Soweto Burning by local resident Don Emby.Sorry – no information on forthcoming cricket events in Clarens………but watch this space: it could be happening soon.  (Read the Twitcher in last week’s issue  to find out more.)

It’s super rugby time again

Watch all the action at one of our local Clarens pubs (and if you want to watch it on a big screen go to Artichoke).  The atmosphere is great –   almost like being at the game!


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