13th February, 2015: Time to fall in love

My Kgubetswana Experience

My first venture into a tavern and I did not know what to expect, by mid-morning we arrived at our first Tavern, Hunters Pub. As we walked into the tavern gates the first thing I noticed was how beautiful & clean the tavern was. I felt good vibes as we greeted the taverns customers and they were friendly back. When we went inside we met Mampho Mokoena, we purchased a 750ml Hansa and a 1l coke. I was shocked when I got change back, the Hansa only Cost R13 & the coke was R14. I left the boys Ben & Matt, to play a game of pool and I spoke to Mampho.   Read more


Ifu Lethu in Clarens

Ifa Lethu



Creative hands truck cropped


Ifu Lethu are in Clarens working with 60 young artists and crafters from Clarens, Phuthathitjaba, Bethlehem, and Fouriesburg.   Clarens News has been in contact with Dr Ramdhani  – Chief Executive Officer of Ifa Lethu to find out more about this exciting project.   Dr Ramdhani told us that they aim to train and develop 60 young, new entrants, to enable them to participate in the growing creative industry and to develop creative enterprises, resulting in sustainable job creation and a potential spin-off of 400 new jobs in 5 years.   
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The Clarens Beer Fest

Tickets for the Beer Fest weekend are selling like cold beers!   If you haven’t already bought your tickets you need to either go on line and buy them, or stop in at the Clarens Brewery to ensure that you too can take part in this exceptional event.   Visit their website www.clarenscraftbeerfest.com.   to buy tickets, or – if you haven’t yet organised accommodation over that weekend you’ll find a list of establishments in the area which may be able to help.


The Clarens Ultimate Frisbee team

This sound like fun!!!

Chris Pefanis, a self-confessed Frisbee fanatic, together with Graham Rodin is still looking for Frisbee players with a veiw to developing a Clarens Ultimate Frisbee team.  Chris has been in touch with a Pretoria team – The Labradors – who are planning to visit Clarens  this weekend (13-15 March.) They are willing to help us learn the rules and throwing techniques of the game.If you’re interested, inbox Chris  (www.facebook.com/chris.pefanis) with your contact number and let’s get playing!

Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve


Disa porecta 1
Article and photography by

Damien Coulson
Head ranger: Clarens Village Nature Reserve



Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “bi-Weekly Plant of Interest”. This week we’re focusing on a member of the Orchidaceae (Orchid) family.

Disa porrecta (lekholela in Sesotho) is a perennial epiphyte of between 200-600mm tall, usually observed at higher altitudes of up to 2000 m A.S.L. in damp grasslands from the EC – the FS. Disa ordis means 2, in possible reference to the style wings, or alternatively dis meaning rich[ly coloured] referring to the bright orange-red flowers of the genus. Porrectus means to lean forward or outwards.   Read more


Recyling Trailer

The recycling trailer has been moved round the corner from its old location.   You’ll find it outside the municipal offices between the offices and the police station.   Evon would also like to thank all those who regularly use the trailer for all their “recylcables.”
Click here to learn more about the Clarens Recylcing Centre
Click here to find about more about the why, what, and where of recycling


Paballo’s Nursing Care: New Hours etc for 2015

Hours for Nursing Rooms
Monday           09h00-15h00
Tuesday          09h00-15h00
Wednesday     CLOSED
Thursday         09h00-15h00
Friday              09h00-15h00
Saturday         09h00-13h00
Sunday            On call

On call for Emergencies every day until 22h00 (after this time, the nurses’ need to be available for the elderly folk with whom they live).
After 22h00 telephonic advice will be given.
Or – Telephone Hoogland Medi Clinic (058 307 2424) emergency ward} (private patients)
Or – Telephone Dihlabeng Hospital (058 303 1000) (government patients)
Or – Telephone Ambulance Services:
ER 24                                      086 108 4124
Netcare 911                            079 146 9144
Government Ambulance         058 303 1226
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Click here for other important telephone numbers


Radio Maluti

Clarens is featured on Maluti Radio’s Hoezit program with Garth Brook from 09h00 every Saturday  Be sure to tune in.







14 February 2015
Clarens Country Market

Cluny Farm Goats Milk products will be on sale tomorrow at the Clarens Country Market and every Saturday thereafter for the duration of the season (summer) Feta. Cream Cheese and Plain Yoghurt will arrive tomorrow. See you from 10 am onwards 

13-15 February, 2015
Love Rosendal Festival
If you would like to know more about Rosendal, have a look at the events page – we’ve just uploaded a lot of media articles on this very interesting little town
13-15 February, 2015
H.O.G. Valentine’s Rally
SPF will host the Harley Owners Group, or HOGS, as they are better known.  This event will be hosted off the Square, on Market Street West, and include live music until 11:00pm; there will be no road closures, parking on Church Street and ablutions facilities will be brought into Clarens.  Arguably most importantly, all the drinks involved will be locally-purchased, adding some weight to the local economy.  All proceeds of this weekend will go to the SPF.


19-22 February 2015
Bieliemielie Fees
14 February 2015:  Valentine’s Day
Have a look at the Events page on the website to see the Restaurant menus and specials.


23-26 February 2015
Richard Rennie “Paint with me” workshop
27-28 February 2015
Clarens Craft Beer Festival

28th February 2015

Cansa Shavathon



Remember to have a look at our Classifieds page on the website – especially if you’re looking for space or a flat to rent.   And could there ever be a better way to fall in love than to fall in love with a special mutt looking for a forever home – as they say:  who ever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend has never owned a dog.  Go on……take a look, you’re bound to fall in love.