The Cosmos are back

Cosmos in Clarens

The Cosmos is back – a sure sign that we are nearing the end of summer.  We trust that everyone has had a lucky Friday 13.   We certainly feel lucky just to be in Clarens

Clarens Caps

Clarens Recycling Centre

Rolf Schlub:  

I have now sold the second 100 Clarens Caps and the proceeds of R 3400,  this time goes to Evon Els from the Clarens Village Conservancy (CVC)Recycling Project.  My thanks go out to Maureen, Dean and Jenny from Maluti Tours and Ronel from Clarens Grocery who have sold the caps in their shops.Evon is a Volunteer CVC Committee member who runs the Clarens Recycling project, collects waste from the town, keeps the place clean with a couple of guys and does this tirelessly always with a smile on her face.  It is therefore that I feel that Evon deserves this recognition and support. I hope that I have made a small contribution to her efforts.

The Clarens Village Conservancy would like to thank Rolf for his support of this very worthy project. Without the tireless efforts and commitment of Evon and her team, we would not have one of the most successful volunteer recycling projects in the Free State. Thanks to the concern and generosity from Rolf, we can keep the team committed and motivated. Rodney Wainwright (for CVC Committee)



Residents and visitors to Clarens should be aware that a criminal syndicate is targeting Toyota vehicles in the Eastern Free State.  Several of these have been stolen in Clarens over the last few weeks and we don’t want yours to be next!  If you own a Toyota or have guests or friends who own one, please ensure that the alarm is properly engaged and that the vehicle is parked safely and securely in the evenings and at night, ideally behind a locked gate or in a lockable garage.


The Clarens Community Police Forum is undertaking an initiative to place Warning leaflets under the windscreen wipers of every Toyota which enters Clarens, via the good hands of the Police Forum’s Reservists.  In the event that your vehicle is tampered with or stolen, or you see another Toyota being broken into, please report the attempted theft or theft to SAPS on 058 256 6000/6001/6002.  Alternatively, call the Duty Officer on 082 4668904.


Clarens has a well-deserved reputation as one of the safest towns in South Africa.  Please be vigilant and share in the task of keeping Clarens crime-free and the safest destination in the country!

Please note – the thieves concerned are a well-organized crime syndicate which is operating throughout the Free State.   Both the local and provincial police are doing everything they can to put a stop to this.   Sadly, Clarens is not immune to this type of criminal activity.


Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve


Kniphofia thodei baker

Damien Coulson

Article and photography by
Damien Coulson
Head ranger: Clarens Village Nature Reserve<

Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. This week we’re focusing on a member of the Asphodelaceae (Red-hot Poker) family.

Kniphofia thodei Baker (Thode’s Poker in English and Leloele in Sesotho) is perennial monocotyledonous herb growing to a towering height of just 500mm. Unlike many other species of the Red-hot Poker genus, this little guy enjoys a bachelor’s solitary existence including freedom from group tyranny and peer-pressure. One will need to prepare a backpack to find our hero as he prefers “hanging-out” on moist high-altitude grassveld mountain slopes at up to 2750 m A.S.L. He is also an endemic to the Eastern Mountain Region (EMR), making him even more interesting…and don’t all bachelor’s lead interesting lifestyles?

Photographed on the steep slopes near Titanic Rock and our Sky-Contour Trail, this individual was no easy find (as is any decent bachelor) and may at first glance be misidentified for several of the more prominent of the Red-hot Poker genus in the area.   Read more


Dihlabeng Christian School

Dihlabeng Christian SchoolAutumn Fair It’s the Dihlabeng Christian School Autumn Fair this Thursday, and as you can see from the poster – there will be a lot on offer.

Click here To find out more about the School.

And while you’re on the web, have a look at their facebook page  .   As you can see from the photos below they’ve been having lots of fun – and I’m sure they’re all learning a huge amount in the process.

Dihlabeng Christian School


Dihlabeng Christian School

Dihlabeng Christian School

Looking for the laundry?

The Clarens Laundry room has moved too the back of the old Cranford Inn parking area in Larola.

Phone: Yolndi Storbeck: 082 855 3473


Clarens-Country-Market1618453_361809250627472_967076778_n-300x225 14 March 2015

Clarens Country Market

Cluny Farm Goats Milk products will be on sale tomorrow at the Clarens Country Market and every Saturday thereafter for the duration of the season (summer) Feta. Cream Cheese and Plain Yoghurt will arrive tomorrow. See you from 10 am onwards 

Maluti antique

14 March 2015

Legends of Yesteryear

Maluti Auto Club

Bethlehem Showgrounds

Simon Silcock

15 March 2015

Garden Picnic Party

at Millpond House

This will be a good time to catch up with other Clarens residents.   (I think everyone is going to be there.)


BLOOD DRIVE 16 March 2015

Blood Drive

Protea Hotel

Step up and donate blood – you could save a life!


Dihlabeng School fair

19th March, 2015

Dihlabeng Christian School Autumn Fair





NG Kerk

21 March 2015

NG Kerk Golf Day

22 March 2015

NG Kerk Spitbraai



 Richard Rennie 82

23-26 March 2015

Richard Rennie “Paint With Me” workshop




25 March, 2015

Clarens Garden Club

This month the Clarens Garden Club will be learning all about rosehips – followed by lunch at  The Rose Hip Restuarant.




28th March 2015

Clarens Life-Style Cook Off

Specially for Vegans and Vegetarians




Natalie Chapman

29th March, 2015

Natalie Chapman at Friends 

Natalie Chapman is a proud ambassador and Board Member of Epic Foundation.  Natalie will be at Friends as part of her 90 Days, 90 Towns, 180 Gigs fundraising tour for Epic Foundation:   Click here to  find out more about her tour.

 stars of sandstone 2015 flyer_img_6

2-12 April, 2015

Stars of Sandstone

A large collection of Heritage items from 2-ft narrow guage locomotives, steam traction engines, vintage agricultural machinery, old cars, aircraft and military vehicles are brought to life during the show. 




3-6 April, 2015

Yvette Art Exhibition: Robert Badenhorst Gallery

An opportunity to view Yvette’s art work and to meet her.   Yvette will be paining outside the gallery during the course of the exhibition.



Hip Replacements

3 April, 2015

The Hip Replacements:  Grouse and Claret







Festival of Dirt

4 April, 2015

Festival of Dirt   (Enduro bikes)

Enduro World Mountain Madalas Ride

This year’s event will take place at “The Old Mill Drift”



Clarens Square IMG_0002

4th April, 2015

Flea Market

Clarens Square




SPF golf day

11 April, 2015

Clarens Sector Police Forum, Kia and Radio Maluti Golf Day.


Ashburton MTB

18-19 April 2015

Ashburton National MTB Series – Clarens

Clarens hosts #3 of the Ashburton National MTB Series: an exciting 7 leg  National marathon mountain biking series spanning 6 South African provinces.




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