Mzanzi Tour in Clarens

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  • Festival of Dirt – Report Back;
  • Mzanzi Tour in Clarens;
  • Made in Clarens;
  • The Twitcher;
  • Female Entrepreneur Awards;
  • Community News: The great get-together;
  • Community News: News from Paphama Youth;
  • Travels with Beezus;
  • Travelground votes Clarens Amongst the Top Hiking Spots in South Africa;
  • Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve: Leonotis leonuris;
  • News from the Golf Estate:  Business league;
  • News from the Golf Estate: Friday competition;
  • Cluny Animal Trust Appeal;
  • The MTN Mountain Bike Race: How you can make it work for you;
  • It’s Easter:  Passiespele;
  • Church Services over the Easter weekend;
  • Easter Fleamarket;
  • Coming Events:  2nd May: Supper Theatre On the Square;
  • Coming Events: 3-4 May: National MTB in Clarens;
  • Coming Events: 31 May: Cluny Animal Trust  Golf Day;
  • It’s super rugby time again;
  • A quote to quote;
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Mzansi Tour in Clarens

Mzansi Tour in ClarensIt’s certainly been quite a week for coming and going in Clarens.  The Festival of Dirt last weekend and then the Mzanzi Tour this week.  Clarens was abuzz with cyclists, road cars, motorbikes, cameramen, and of course bicycles.
This is the tour’s second year and going by the number of international riders, it seems to be all set to become The South African cycling event.
Thank you Mzansi for bringing the tour to Clarens.


Clarens Festival of Dirt

Clarens Festival of Dirt – Report back

The Festival of Dirt held their 3rd annual festival this past weekend with great success. Starting out of humble beginnings the 1st festival was held in October 2012 drawing but only 53 enduro riders, 24 Mountain Bikers and 3 Dual Sport Riders. This year we can boast with record numbers of more than 350 Enduro Riders, 100 Trail Runners, 40 Mountain bikers and about 30 Dual Sport riders.The weekend started off with some Super Enduro on the Friday afternoon with at least 50 participants. Saturday was of course the main event with the Enduro event as well as some rider training by pro rider Wild William Gillett. The Enduro event went off with minimal casualties and left the people raving about our coarse and majestic views of the country side. The Trail running event was also held on the Saturday morning in town from Mozziac Pizzeria. There was a 10km and 20km trail for the runners that looped through the wonderful Clarens Conservancy. People loved the trails and pure magic of the Clarens Mountains.The Sunday enduro mountain bike event was also held in town with the competitors craving for more. Everything went off without any hiccups and the Festival of Dirt will surely be back next year same time same place.Well done Clarens Xtreme…


Made in Clarens

Apple pressing in ClarensWe’ve long enjoyed the high quality range of beers and ciders on offer at The Clarens Brewery.  The range of award winning beers, bottled under the Clarens Brewery label are brewed at the brewery premises in  Market Street, and until recently the ciders were brewed out on Natalie and Stefan’s farm.  This turned out to be a bit of a logistic problem, and so now all the machinery has been moved to Sias Oosthuizen Street.  Read more





The Twitcher

Since Clarens is about to reel under the weight of public appetite for holiday weekends – yes, three on the trot lie ahead – I thought you might be interested to know that Christmas is only 257 short days away.  That’s right: Your turkey only has 36 weeks to live and you need all the practice you can get under the Mistletoe, so pucker up and start spreading love and contagion.   Just don’t let your partner catch you.

But to matters of the moment: Those of you who had the time and inclination would have witnessed 90 testosterone-loaded cyclists, from all points of the global compass, jostling to navigate their way around the Clarens square on Thursday, en route to exploring the Free State’s pot-hole collection.
Read more

Female Entrepreneur Awards

Hi All.

The National Department of Agriculture,Forestry & Fisheries is running the competition for women in different sectors of agriculture.As the Provincial Department of Agriculture & Rural Development we have been tasked to invite all interested female Entrepreneurs to take part in this competition.

Thabo Mofutsanyana District is inviting all Female Entrepreneurs to take part and represent our wonderful district in the Province.If they win in the Province then they will represent Free State Province in the National Competition.

Here are the Categories of the competition:


Closing date for entering the competition is 14 May 2014.All interested farmers can contact Mr Tsepiso Mosia and get forms at his office in Dihlabeng Municipal office in Clarens.
Good news is that Clarens is running for the hosting of the district event on 29 May 2014.Let us go for this challenge Clarens Farmers,remember Clarens is the unique town of WINNERS!!!
Hope to hear from you soon.

Tsepiso Mosia
Department of Agriculture & Rural Development FS
Phone: 0710791332

Community News: The great get-together

Meeting of Clarens Organisations

A history-making meeting of the 4 Clarens Associations took place on Monday 7th April.
Pictured here are (clockwise): Tammy – CTF, Ollie – CTF, Malcolm – GCCC, Natalie – GCCC, Louw – CVC, Victor – CTF, Ralph (obscured) + Pat – CRA, Carl – GCCC, and Rodney – CVC.
With a team like this Clarens can only get stronger and stronger.  Well done everybody – we can see that Clarens in capable hands.

Community News: News from Paphama Youth

Paphama Youth Career Guidance

Travels with Beezus

It’s always interesting to read what people are writing about Clarens.  Cape info sent us the link to a delightful blog: Travels with Beezus.  Below is an excerpt from the blog. We can heartily recommend that you visit the blog and read some of the other interesting comments about Clarens. Click here


The Maloti Wonderland in the eastern Free State

Beezus' first road trip

The first question for the trek south from Johannesburg to Cape Town was where to stop first and what to explore.  Parys, on the banks of the Vaal River and just over an hour south of Joburg provided one option — it seems to be a town on the up — but a speedy yet not-terribly-helpful reply from the Parys Info office was discouraging.

So we settled on visiting Clarens in the Eastern Free State for the first time.  And… Wow!… we were not disappointed!

It’s about three hours out of Joburg (320km) taking the N3 toll road to Durban and then heading south on the R712 at Villiers and past Reitz and Bethlehem .  The roads were good and as one approaches Clarens the scenery is spectacular!  We left Joburg in pouring rain (which lead to flooding after we left) and arrived in a very  wet, lush and spectacularly green eastern Free State.

And while you’re surfing the net you should also take a look at

Travelground votes Clarens as among the top 6 hiking spots in South Africa.

Hiking in Clarens

And if you’re not sure why – just take a look at the hiking page on our website, where you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the hikes available in our area.

This photograph was taken in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve. The trails in the reserve are well marked and there is a trail to suit every level of fitness.  Be sure to collect a trail map from Maluti Tours, Village Grocer, Bibliophile, or Mountain Odyssey.  The maps cost R10, and proceeds go towards the maintenance of the trails.






Plants found in the Clarens Village Nature Reserve:

Leonotis leonurus

Damien Coulson

Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “bi-Weekly Plant of Interest”. We’ll be looking at an attractive specimen of the Mint Family or Lamiaceae.
Leonotis leonurus (Wild dagga in English, Wildedagga in Afrikaans and lebake in Sesotho), is a shrub that typically grows to 2 – 3 m in height.Leonotis is derived from the Greek words Leon–“lion” and Otis -“ear”. Leonurus means “lion coloured” referring to the mane-like appearance and also colouring of the inflorescence. It is widespread throughout S.A – from the W Cape – Mpum., and tends to grow in grassland amongst rocky outcrops up to 2000 m A.S.L..
The specimen photographed was observed on the Kloof Mountain Trail. It is one of few plants adapted to growing on very shallow and nutrient poor lithic soils.  Read more

News from the Clarens Golf Estate: Business League

The Clarens Golf Estate will be playing host to numerous entrepreneurs and business owners hoping to proclaim themselves champions on the Golf Course. Currently Art & Wine and Sir Henry’s has entered teams. Mr Rob Donald will captain the third. Mike Henry is also in the process of getting his team together. If you feel confident that you would be able to commit to playing with a full team the last Wednesday of every month please let us know. Teams will have to have four players representing.The format will be Fourball Alliance: 2 Mystery Scores to Count. Single players, barbarians with no alliances, will be accommodated  monthly forming a rugged bunch of players looking to topple the more structured teams.

Current Teams entered: Art & Wine, Sir Henry’s, Management, Rob’s Team.
Starting the last Wednesday of April and spots are still open for more teams.
Special rates will apply for visiting players in your teams.
Please invite your friends and business partners to join in the fun!
Francois Schoeman
Golf Operations Manager

Clarens Golf Estate Business League

News from the Golf Estate: Friday competition

Clarens Golf Estate Friday Competition

New life in the Friday Competition,

On a weekly basis members, visitors, scholars and supporters gather for a Friday afternoon round at The Clarens Golf Estate. The Clarens Golf Estate is proud to have partnered with Ciglers Butchery in Bethlehem. They are generously sponsoring the prizes, and believe me the prizes are impressive!

Any golfer with a official handicap is welcome to join in the fun. With more players participating lately, growth is assured. The past two Friday’s has seen the competition run in conjunction with other events to boost participation and fun. Voortrekker High School played Jim Fouche High School in their inter Schools League, Voortrekker being victors. This week saw another local School, Jordania, defeat Fichardt Park Primary in their encounter. Parents, Teachers and supporters enjoyed the course and atmosphere as the “golfing bug” bit them hard.

The whole family is welcome even if they don’t participate, they will enjoy the atmosphere and fun after enjoying the spectacular views on course. Thank you Ciglers and all loyal supporters of The Clarens Golf Estate. (Francois Schoeman)

Cluny Animal Trust Appeal

The MTN Mountain Bike Race: How you can make it work for you

Organisers of MTN Mountain Bike Race have approached the Chamber of Commerce offering exclusivity of the water points needed on the two race days to businesses in Clarens.  This means that Clarens businesses have the opportunity to nab the huge exposure available at these water points, back from Bethlehem businesses.   This year more than 2000 cyclists are participating who will all see your brand.  What is needed is a gazebo (preferably branded), your branding such as banners, t-shirts, etc., 3-4 people and spirit.  You need to set up by 6.30 each day , it will be out on a farm road and the length of time will depend on the race route but will be no longer than 3 hours.  You will be provided with water, drinks, apples, bananas, banana bread and jelly babies to be handed to the athletes.  You will need to brush up your motivational phrases, bring your own good cheer and strong voices, and anything else to make your brand stand out and have fun.The race organisers need 4 water points.  Please respond to if you want to grab one. Who knows – yours might feature on SuperSport?

The organisers also asked the Chamber to appeal to guest house & B&B owners to:

1 – offer an accommodation discount to the cyclists. (They realise this year falls on a long weekend but next year’s race has been moved to the weekend after the May long weekend)

2 – offer a discount if the cyclists skip breakfast on account of being out in the route

3 – be accommodating in a late check out if you have no guests booking in on the Sunday to allow the cyclists to have a shower after the race.

See upcoming events listed below.

It’s Easter!

Passiespele 2014: Bethlehem

Clarens Church Services over the Easter Weekend

Good Friday (18th April, 2014)
Methodist Church (cnr Bester and Roos Streets):  10h30
NGK (Main Street): Nagmaal: 9h30

Easter Sunday(20th April 2014)
Methodist Church (cnr. Bester and Roos Streets): 6h30 (Sunrise service)
NGK: Sonopsdiens at Methodist Church:  6h00
NGK: (Main Streer) Opstaandingsdiens: 9h30
Anglican Church (cnr. Bester and Roos Streets): 10h30
Dihlabeng Church: (Dihlabeng Primary School, Fouriesburg Road):  9h30

For more information for both Methodist and Anglican churches please contact Francois Brink (head of churches committee) on 083 769 5432.

Clarens Easter Flea market: 20th April, 2014

See you on the square for boerewors, skilpadjies, snoek, kerrie en rys en baie stalletjies wat versillende produkte gaan verkoop.  The Fleamarket is hosted by the NGK.  For further information 058 256 1341 or email:

Coming Events: 2 May, 2014:
Supper Theatre On the Square:

Supper Theatre in Clarens

Phone Carol at Gosto’s for further details: 082 416 3687Click here to find out more about Cat Simoni

Coming Events: 3-4 May
National MTB in Clarens

MTB in Clarens

Click here For further information

Coming Events: 31 May 2014
Cluny Animal Trust Golf Day

Cluny Animal Trust Golf DayThe purpose of the event is to raise funds for the development of an animal hospital in Fouriesburg and the surrounding areas.


Animals are mans best friend, they are always there when we’re lonely, they never give up on us and share our joy and sadness

Contact Details: Jan Sander (c) 0782462553, (f) 058 223 0727 email:

It’s super rugby time again

Watch all the action at one of our local Clarens pubs (and if you want to watch it on a big screen go to Artichoke).  The atmosphere is great –   almost like being at the game!

Click here to see the April 2014 fixtures

A quote to quote:

“The Budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled,
public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be
tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be
curtailed, lest Rome will become bankrupt. People must again learn to work
instead of living on public assistance.” – Cicero, 55 BC

       So, evidently we haven’t learnt much over the past 2,068 years.

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