FIRE !!!! It’s that time of the year again, when fires can wreak havoc in our beautiful environment.  This week much of The Golden Gate Highlands National Park  was devastated by fire, and Maliba Lodge in Lesotho also suffered major damage to their reception area.  The Golden Gate Nature Reserve   Continue Reading →

FIRE ….what you need to know

In view of the damage that fires can do it is not surprising that there is a ban on the lighting of open fires at the moment.  This ban will continue until such time as 25mm of rain have fallen within one week.  Continue Reading →


FIRE…..what you need to do

Make a note somewhere of what you need to do in case of a fire.

This weekend

We’re in for another sunny weekend….. just more beautiful sunny days and chilly winter nights.  We also have some live music and the rugby (?) to look forward to.

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The Twitcher – 31 July 2013

  Having ignored the birds altogether last week, due to a fit of outrage at international tourists in Johannesburg, I thought I should make up for this indiscretion this week with due regard to the sensitivity of ornithologists everywhere and pick a really BIG bird.   Like an Ostrich.

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Clarens Village Conservancy

 The Clarens Village Conservancy & Environmental Education The CVC has been putting a good deal of time and effort into Environmental Education (EE) plans for several of the stakeholders from within and around Clarens. This includes but is not limited to: Members of the Clarens Community; the Thusenond Care Group (TCG) and its employees; Clarens Primary School (and other schools); the Working on Fire Team and its very own CVC rangers!

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Plant of the Week: Erica alopecurus (Foxtail Erica)

 Greetings to all our Village plant enthusiasts. Welcome to this weeks’ “Weekly Plant of Interest” where we will be looking at a dwarf-shrub species that is most prominent from summer – mid-winter. Erica alopecurus or Foxtail Erica

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Local News:

Keeping our town crime free is everyone’s responsibility and  all crime should be reported to the police station. Charge office  –  058 256 6001

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Coming Events

Workshops, Potjiekos, the Spring Art Fair. These are just some of the events happening in Clarens.    NG Kerk Flea Market 9th August 2013:  Clarens square     Potjiekos competition10th August 2013
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